3Diligent Joins List of Companies Using Resources to Fight COVID-19

April 06, 2020 by Sophia Valente

3Diligent is offering free software to PPE manufacturers to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

Across every industry, manufacturers are altering their traditional output to accommodate the acute need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Clothing brands are producing medical masks, while labs are developing intelligent sanitation robots. in order to meet the need for medical relief, digital service providers are also joining the fight against COVID-19


3Diligent Joins Relief Efforts

3Diligent is a manufacturing company that has been offering CAD/CAM-based fabrication resources including 3D printing, machining, casting, and molding through an extensive network of global manufacturing partners since its inception in 2014.


diligent 3d

Shopsight software. Image used courtesy of 3Diligent. 


The California-based company has two unique sectors with different applications that can be harnessed in antiviral efforts: ProdEX and Shopsight.

The ProdEX division is the company’s manufacturing portal that provides an encrypted web interface where designers and engineers submit project needs.

The project is evaluated by 3Diligent’s team and proprietary algorithms, and optimized solutions and services are identified.

In addition, the company’s ERP software, Shopsight, acts as a subscription-based shop management system that enhances access to manufacturing management tools, and performance and analytic metrics. 


Extending to the Medical Community

Due to the critical need for medical PPE, 3Diligent announced that they will be offering the Shopsight solution free of charge to bridge the gap between individuals/companies with access to manufacturing capabilities, and the medical community that so desperately needs supplies.

Non-traditional PPE manufacturers may utilize the software to access pre-loaded manufacturing instructions and open-source PPE designs.

The ProdEX global network will be optimized for use by medical facilities through the creation of a new streamlined process for accessing PPE designs.

Medical professionals and government organizations looking to use the service will be given a distinctive code to log into the global network of around 350 manufacturers, where they may then request PPE in customizable quantities and delivery times, as well as access designs pre-populated into their account. 


Making an Impact

According to the company, Shopsight will be available free of charge to manufacturers for as long as the PPE shortage persists.

Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent, believes that in order to identify the correct PPE manufacturing specs, “making our Shopsight software free to ensure those designs are made the right way, and giving medical professionals a seamless way to order them, 3Diligent can hopefully help channel all this goodwill into the most positive impact.”

Engineers, medical device experts, and designers who have an interest in participating in design and manufacturing review should contact [email protected].

Those with access to a 3D printer or any other device that could produce PPE who want to aid in the manufacturing effort should register for Shopsight. 

Medical facilities, hospitals, and government organizations who are in need of PPE and support should reach out to [email protected].


Those who want to register their manufacturing capacity into 3Diligent’s global network should check out their website.