Laser Technology Expands Into Manufacturing Sectors With API’s New Laser Scanner

October 21, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Metrology company API released a new version of its iScan3D Laser Scanner designed for manufacturing operations.

The new device features improved optics and blue-crossed laser lines for faster and more accurate metrology grade point cloud generation. The laser scanner is already available on API’s website.


Developing Metrology Solutions

Automated Precision, Inc (API) is a metrology company that specializes in measurement and calibration services. The company provides several services designed to assist OEMs throughout their manufacturing processes.

The API team delivers prototype part scanning to create a model for mass production, production line pieces inspection to ensure accuracy and maintain repeatability, and reverse engineering old parts to return them to production.


Video used courtesy of API


The company also calibrates machine tools to check for inaccuracies and help compensate for their errors. At their Globally-Local Calibration Labs, the company calibrates its Radian Laser Tracker series and other tracker brands.


The iScan3D Laser Scanner

The third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner comes with several new features for portable shop-floor dimensional inspection. API aims to deliver a solution capable of accurate measurements and point-cloud generation from a single-handed ergonomic sensor.

iScan3D comes with an integral process controller and can connect with API’s Radian Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) Laser Tracker so it can monitor the scanner position and deliver better measuring and scanning. 


api laser scanner

The iScan3D Laser Scanner can deliver very accurate measurements. Image used courtesy of API


The device also offers blue-crossed laser lines to allow scanning in any direction and fast measurements with metrology accuracy (200,000 points per second with 70µ point spacing and 50µ accuracy.)

iScan3D has built-in RFID-chipped probes that enable automatic probe recognition and CMM style measurement of internal and external features. Thanks to these capabilities, the laser scanner also eliminates issues connected with unique arm scanners, including arm gymnastics, operator fatigue, part access issues, and limited measuring ranges.


Laser Scanners in Industrial Applications

Laser scanners are used across various manufacturing industries with specific measurement and calibration solutions needed for different applications. 


laser scanner

An API employee using the laser scanner in an industrial facility. Image used courtesy of API


Calibration equipment and services can assist in improving manufacturing processes by calibrating machine tools and the accuracy enhancement of industrial robots.

“We have seen an explosion in the uptake of laser scanning within manufacturing over the past few years,” explained API President Joe Bioty.

API contract inspection services also offer on-site prototypes, first articles, production measurements, and a portfolio of reverse engineering, laser scanning, and modeling services. 

“With the launch of iScan3D, API reconfirms its focus in this growing market providing the next generation measuring solution, integrating both tactile and laser scanning into a single, seamless, high accuracy solution,” Bioty added. 

Laser tracker inspection, alignment, and measurement services are also used in the construction of new manufacturing facilities and equipment installation and aiding pre-production product manufacturing.

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