Industry Leaders Highlight Latest Automation Solutions at SPS Connect 2020

December 01, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

One of the biggest online events in the field of automation wrapped up last week. Learn about SPS Connect 2020, its participants, and what industry leaders are bringing to the table.

Learn about SPS Connect 2020 and new virtual elements. SPS Connect is a virtual platform for the Smart Production Solutions exhibition. The event went from November 24th to 26.

SPS Connect covered the whole spectrum of smart and digital automation solutions. Event topics ranged from sensor applications to intelligent solutions designed for the IIoT, and more.


The SPS 2019 Exhibition. Image courtesy of Mesago/Malte Kirchner.


The Smart Production Solutions Event

The exhibitor's advisory board behind SPS was first founded in 1997 to align the event with market demands. 

Chaired by Christian Wolf and Hans Turck, the advisory board represents the SPS exhibitors the event's future development and direction. SPS has seen a steady flow of exhibitors and visitors in the past few years. In 2016, for example, the event counted 1,605 exhibitors and 63,291 visitors over 122,200 sqm of space.

The 2017 event saw the largest participation for SPS, with 1,675 exhibitors, and 70,264 visitors, while 2018 witnessed a small decrease with 1,631 exhibitors and 65,700 visitors.


An infographic with SPS data from previous years. Image courtesy of Mesago.


The most recent iteration of SPS before this year's digital event saw a total of 1,585 exhibitors, of which 1,037 exhibitors from Germany and 548 from other countries. SPS 2019 also counted 63.708 visitors. Of these, 46,984 were from Germany, and the remaining 16,724 from other countries.

At last year's event, 162 presentations were held, of which 17% in English. For more information about SPS 2019, you can check this infographic.


SPS Connect 2020

This was the first digital edition of SPS, and the event came with some additional features. For example, SPS Connect enables direct exchanges between the participants on specific business requirements, regardless of their location at the time of the event. Visitors utilized the event's online format, with AI-powered matchmaking allowing real-time interaction with colleagues, experts, and exhibitors. 

Much like previous years, SPS Connect featured an extensive lecture program on automation-related topics and trends, together with keynotes, panel discussions, and exhibitor contributions.


The SPS Connect logo. Image courtesy of SPS Connect. 


Several industry leaders have partnered for the event and will have representatives speaking at SPS Connect. For instance, Siemens participated in SPS Connect as an exclusive partner, discussing topics like digital enterprise, future industry trends, digital twins, and artificial intelligence.

Beckhoff also attended as a premium sponsor, with speakers discussing the company's "New Automation Technology" philosophy representing universal and open control and automation solutions.

Bosch Rexroth presented its ctrlX AUTOMATION solution at the event, a platform integrating Linux real-time operating system, open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering, and a comprehensive IoT connection. Additional SPS Connect partners included Microsoft, SICK, and Schneider Electric.


All content from SPS Connect will be available on-demand after the event and until 31 December 2020.