Comau Showcases the “Power of Automation” at Automate 2024

May 17, 2024 by Stephanie Leonida

At Automate 2024, Comau unveiled its latest innovations in hardware and software that promote sustainability, productivity, and enhanced worker safety in industrial environments.

Comau showcased the “Power of Automation” at Automate 2024 in Chicago (May 6-9) with its latest technologies focused on improving sustainability, productivity, worker safety, and labor shortage woes. Event attendees discovered Comau’s new Roboshop Next Gen programming tool, Open Controller software, the latest releases in its line of S-family industrial robots, and sci-fi-like exo-suits for heavy lifting of goods. Comau is dedicated to helping its industrial customers cease the power of automation through advanced machine vision, perception-aided picking, arc welding, wearable robotics, and compact robot solutions. 


Comau’s Open Controller software makes it possible for users to connect their external PCs to Comau robots

Comau’s Open Controller software makes it possible for users to connect their external PCs to Comau robots. Image used courtesy of Comau


Advanced Control and Flexible Programming

Comau highlighted its existing and newly upgraded robotic control software, such as Open Controller. With Open Controller, users can control Comau robots using external PCs. It is a proprietary software with advanced control algorithms and improved methods for generating path trajectories so that customers can improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime from unnecessary human-robot obstructions or potential collisions.

Users (whether from university research labs, research centers, fulfillment centers, or manufacturing facilities) can switch between different operational modes without turning off the robot’s motor, mitigating disruption and ensuring continued production output. Customers can control various elements of a bot’s trajectory through a communication protocol from the external PC. Other benefits include fast prototyping, interaction and vision algorithms, computer-aided design planning, and the ability to design and test newly developed algorithms and solutions.

Another software highlight from Comau is its Roboshop Next Gen programming tool. The tool allows users to simulate the robot cell in a virtual environment and sync the real-world robot with the simulated environment. A preview mode also allows for assessing robot movement based on the program logic. Roboshop Next Gen comes with guided programming, data coalition from multiple sources, and integrated software from Robo-DK to help machine operators fine-tune path trajectories and improve cycle times.


Comau reveals some new compact additions to its S-family of bots, the S-13 and S-18

Comau has released some new compact additions to its S-family of bots, the S-13 and the S-18 displayed at Automate 2024. Image used courtesy of the engineering team


Compact, Hollow Wrist Industrial Robots

At Automate 2024, Comau also introduced the latest additions to its S-family of 6-axis articulated robots. Comau’s S-13 and S-18 robots are compact and designed for use across multiple industries with limited space. Tasks might include handling, machine tending, arc welding, assembling, cosmetic sealing, packing, or dispensing. 

The S-13 and S-18 feature an IP 68 hollow wrist design, which protects against dust, water, and other contaminants. Both bots' small footprints and the S-13's reduced weight allow for economical use of facility space and protected wiring, which helps maintain hygiene and reduce unwanted damage. Multiple mounting configurations, gigabit, and arc dressings help save space without compromising performance.


Exoskeletons for Safe Manual Handling

Exoskeletons can improve the efficiency and safety of manual tasks and provide flexibility and comfort for workers with limited mobility. At Automate 2024, Comau also showcased its MATE-XT and MATE-XB wearable exoskeletons. With its wearable robotic technology, Comau is endeavoring to enhance safety as workers lift objects, bend, and execute repetitive tasks by reducing energy expenditure and muscular strain. The Control Automation engineering team was excited to test-drive one of the exoskeletons!


The MATE exoskeletons from Comau are intended to improve worker safety and quality of life, alleviate muscle strain, and improve movement. Image used courtesy of the engineering team

Featured image used courtesy of Comau