SVT Robotics Launches SOFTBOT Platform for Warehouse and Manufacturing Deployment

November 27, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

SVT Robotics released a new kind of platform, SOFTBOT, to help warehouses and manufacturing facilities build and deploy robot systems.

Co-Founders A.K. Schultz and Michael Howes launched SVT Robotics in 2018. The Norfolk-based company develops products that help its customers launch multisystem deployments of robotic technology quickly and efficiently. SVT Robotics aims to provide companies with the ability to connect to their robots and rapidly. 


The SOFTBOT Platform

Last month, the company launched the SOFTBOT platform. The platform is hoped to provide the essential tools companies need to integrate robotic systems and deploy them with ease without compromising productivity otherwise lost in costly, time-consuming system set-ups.


A.K. Schultz and Michael Howes, Co-Founders of SVT Robotics. Image courtesy of SVT Robotics.


SVT's proprietary robotic technology was launched back in 2018. They introduced this technology with a focus on standardizing the language between a company's enterprise software system and robots being used 

Both Schultz and Howes realized that warehouses and manufacturing facilities wanting to integrate complex robot systems could face delays of months to over a year to get running. The software often needs to be customized to support particular workflows, which can be a lengthy process. 

The SOFTBOT platform is an agnostic integration platform that eliminates barriers to cross-platform communication. It allows users to link to any robot to complete any task required without the need for incorporating a single line of code. 


New Warehouse Management System

The smart cloud application allows users to add new robot technology, retool existing automation, and implement a new warehouse management system (WMS). The platform also offers a cross-platform view of data and analytics of all automation technologies of an enterprise system to enable system-wide optimization. 


A graphic showing the capabilities of the SOFTBOT platform. Image courtesy of SVT Robotics


So where do users begin? From the outset, users can choose from a search list of any technology that best suits their facility. Once users select the technology, they can configure and develop a solution to be deployed when ready.  

SOFTBOT connectors and features are dragged and dropped to build a solution. Each SOFTBOT can be tailored for a specific site and deployed on-premise or to a cloud location.


SVT Robotics

Although SVT is a new company, they received substantial interest from investors and industry executives interested in robot deployments, including the Executive of Walmart Inc., Cameron Geiger, a global leader in sourcing, supply chain, and IT, who is serving as the company advisor. 


The company's logo. Image courtesy of SVT Robotics


Earlier in May this year, SVT Robotics received $3.5 million in seed funding to promote its technology development. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been essential that distribution centers, warehouses, and e-commerce fulfillment providers to maintain and enhance operations while keeping up with social distancing procedures. 

Healthcare centers are also taking the reins with social distancing efforts by introducing robots to clean and dispense patient medication. 

"COVID-19 has reshuffled the supply chain landscape and created additional challenges for companies to keep their employees safe," said Schultz. "Automation and robotics help reduce contact between humans and boost safety within facilities. We foresee continued growth within the industry," added Schultz. 


To find out more about the SOFTBOT platform, visit SVT's "how it works" page.