Schneider Enters New Partnership to Integrate Predictive Monitoring Software into Rotating Machines

November 05, 2020 by Leah Scully

The partnership leads to predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring in rotating equipment like AC motors, compressors, conveyors, and more.

Schneider’s EcoStruxure now works hand in hand with Semiotic Lab’s SAM4 digital monitoring system. 


The Partnership Between Schneider and Semiotic Labs

A strategic partnership between Schneider Electric and Semiotic Labs will augment Schneider’s EcoStruxure managed asset monitoring system to provide real-time diagnostics of rotating machines. The new service feature will protect clients’ assets in power generation and actuation, including induction motors, pumps, conveyors, and compressors. 

The logos of both companies involved in the partnership. Image courtesy of Semiotic Labs


Semiotic Labs is a computer software company based in the Netherlands. They specialize in creating and providing customers with predictive maintenance systems for rotating equipment and AC motors. Equipped with Semiotic Lab’s  SAM4 tool, EcoStruxure is expected to offer new capabilities in reducing costly downtime and unplanned maintenance for rotating industrial components and machines. 


Semiotic Lab Features for SAM4 for Rotating Machines

Semiotic Labs’ SAM4 enables smart monitoring and system failure detection up to six months before it occurs. SAM4 reads continuous sine-wave data from electrical and mechanical sensors and employs machine learning to create a digital profile for rotating machines. 


SAM4 being used in a control cabinet. Image courtesy of Semiotic Labs.


From there, SAM4 can alert operators if there is any deviation from the baseline and provide predictions of what failures may be likely to occur. 

SAM4 is credited with reducing extraneous external components and eliminating downtime by detecting rotating machines’ problems before they occur. Unlike vibrational monitoring systems, the SAM4 system as a whole is installed directly inside the cabinets of motor systems and rotating machines. Compared with traditional vibrational monitoring technologies, Semiotic Labs says its SAM4 systems are more economical and on par with today’s IIoT.


Capabilities of Schneider’s EcoStruxure and Semiotic Labs’ SAM4

As a managed service, EcoStruxure collects and organizes machine data into a single platform. It sends plant health and machine feedback to clients to reduce their capital and to operate expenditures through industrial automation. Now, with SAM4, it offers these capabilities with rotating components and employs a system from a company that is an expert in this type of remote monitoring for rotating machines.


A graphic showing the EcoStruxture monitoring capabilities. Image courtesy of Schneider Electric. 


“We know that enabling resiliency by minimizing costly unplanned downtime and on-site interventions is paramount to driving higher operational efficiency,” stated Stephane Maravel, Schneider’s SVP for Digital Services. Maravel also noted that this partnership between Schneider Electric and Semiotic Labs aims to expand the digital service solutions that Schneider offers. This partnership will now allow Schneider to utilize condition-based monitoring of specific rotating equipment. Maravel added that condition-based monitoring has been a critical solution for Schneider’s customers around the globe. 

The partnership is also expected to reduce failures in rotating machinery for clients employing EcoStruxure digital asset monitoring in their plants.



Since downtime of rotating machinery can be very costly, the new feature is designed to help operators plan out maintenance schedules that will keep their factories up and running.