ABB Ability Debuts Genix Datalyzer Cloud Platform to Enhance Data Analytics and Management

October 23, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

ABB releases a new solution to help OEMs meet their emissions compliance targets and promote big data management.

ABB is an industry leader in power and automation that operates its business in a few key areas: automation products, power products, process automation, power systems, and robotics. 

They recently announced their new cloud-based data analytics solution, the ABB Ability Genix Datalyzer, a part of the ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI suite. The Datalyzer aims to provide customers in various industries with a pooled view of emission monitoring equipment status. It is also designed to help manage such equipment to help reduce emissions and maintain plant uptime.


How Does it Work?

The Datalyzer collects data from emissions monitoring analyzers in real-time. This data is then routed to an on-site Edge device (micro PC). 

The edge device then transmits relevant information to the Datalyzer (which is present in the Microsoft Azure cloud), after which the data is analyzed. The data is then transformed into digestible information to enable evidence-based decision-making. 



ABB's fleet dashboard. Image used courtesy of ABB


Customers can view data from the Datalyzer in three different formats: fleet overview, plant overview, and analyzer overview. The fleet view provides ABB customers with geographic information system (GIS) data and information concerning the location of each analyzer on-site. 

It also displays the total number of online and offline analyzers and heat maps showing the performance of the installed base. Customers can also view the top 5 analyzers which had the most process alarms in the last 24 hours. 

The plant overview dashboard allows for health index analysis, provides information concerning analyzer availability, enables process measurements to be undertaken, and views historical trends (of up to 5 years). 

This analyzer overview dashboard provides system diagnostics, constructional parameters, a KPI display, and advanced visualizations using heat maps and charts. A parameter correlation chart and asset parameter trends can also be viewed.


QAL-3 Assessment and Reporting

The plug-and-play solution also provides QAL-3 (Quality Assurance Level 3) assessment and reporting. According to BS EN 14181:2004, a QAL-3 is “a procedure to maintain and demonstrate the required quality of the measurement results during the normal operation of an (automated measuring system) AMS, by checking that the zero and span characteristics are consistent with those determined during QAL1”. 



ABB's Datalyzer infographic showing how edge devices and other control systems work with the Datalyzer. Image used courtesy of ABB


Quality assurance of an AMS ensures that a plant can meet existing environmental requirements. Users of the Datalyzer can gain access to QAL-3 control charts with a customized report and daily status reports (PDF) of the analyzer.

Key Benefits

Datalyzer users can manage operations on-site or remotely with digital access to analyzer data. With information on asset availability, personnel can troubleshoot and pre-empt a potential major failure. 


abb data graph

A diagram showing how ABB's data management systems work with other technology. Image used courtesy of ABB


Additionally, anytime access to asset health information can enable the planning of maintenance activities and the management of spare parts, which can help save time and optimize resources. Concerning cybersecurity, the Datalyzer comes with an independently certified (Achilles Level 2) Edge device. Authentication & role-based access is provided for added security. This means that the right data is passed on to the right people.

ABB is hopeful that this solution will help OEMs manage their emissions and data collection more efficiently.