ABB Adds IEC Frame Options to Award-winning Family of Motors

March 16, 2023 by Shawn Dietrich

ABB has expanded its line of Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motors designed for HVAC and pumping systems to include IEC frame types, making the award-winning product lineup even more flexible for customer applications.

ABB's family of Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motors are highly efficient integrated motor and drive systems with wireless capabilities. These motors are meant to be used as stand-alone solutions typically found in HVAC or pumping systems. ABB recently added to its Baldor-Reliance product line by expanding the motor frame type to include IEC options. 


ABB expanded Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motors to include IEC options

ABB has expanded its line of Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motors to include IEC options. Image used courtesy of ABB


Motor Frame Types

The frame type of a motor refers to the physical dimensions of the motor and shaft size options. With many different types of motor sizes, it is easier for manufacturers to list motors by a single integer size. The actual physical size and mounting locations can be referenced with a chart. The frame type can also refer to the housing features or direction of the mount: axial vs. top-mount. 


IEC Frame Option

The additional options added to the EC Titanium motors include IEC frame types along with aluminum top housing for the axial mount. An internal shaft grounding brush with class-F insulation is provided to reduce electrical-induced bearing damage. The titanium motors are designed and built for inverter usage as per IEC 60034-18-41 and are capable of drive rating between 1-10 hp for top mount models and 1-7.5 hp for axial mount models. 

The ACH580 integrated drive system can manage up to sixteen Baldor-Reliance Titanium motors at one time. Image used courtesy of ABB


Integrated Drive System

A drive system is needed to control the speed of an AC motor. Sometimes a drive comes in the form of a variable frequency drive, and sometimes it is a servo drive system. Either system will adjust the speed or RPM of the motor in real-time. The ACH580 is the integrated drive system that works with the Baldor-Reliance Titanium motors. Typically, a drive system is able to control two or three motors, but the ACH580 can manage up to sixteen titanium motors at once. This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of massive drive systems. 


EC Titanium Plenum

When using fans to move air in or out of clean rooms, or HVAC systems, the type of material used inside the motors is very important. The EC Titanium has an option of plenum-use, which replaces plastic components with aluminum components, reducing fire hazards and toxic fumes from being released into the air system. The Bluetooth feature of the EC Titanium has also been removed from the Plenum model for compatibility with IT solutions. Bluetooth wireless connectivity can cause interference with other electrical/computer equipment.


Baldor-Reliance Titanium motors are highly-efficient motors fit for use in HVAC systems

The Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motors are highly-efficient and fit for use in HVAC systems. Image used courtesy of Unsplash


Efficiency and Performance

A great way to reduce carbon footprint is to efficiently control fans in air handling units for HVAC equipment. Large air conditioning and heating systems with massive fans moving around a building are typically found on the roof. The time it takes for a motor to reach full speed under full power is the most inefficient. This time can be reduced by using a high-efficiency motor with an integrated drive system, such as the Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motor, to increase the RPM slowly and efficiently.