ABB and Ericsson Thailand Partner on Industrial Automation and 5G Efforts

November 05, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

The Thai divisions of ABB and Ericson have announced a new joint partnership this week.

The move is part of a strategic collaboration the companies started in 2019 to work on automation systems and wireless communications. Following the new agreement, Ericsson will become ABB’s ‘Preferred Connectivity Partner’ in Thailand.


Powering Flexible Production with 5G Technologies

ABB and Ericsson have partnered before on research projects to study the role and benefit of 5G in flexible automation and production. The companies collaborated on several projects in Europe, focusing on utilizing 5G technologies to connect large fleets of autonomous machines.


From the left: ABB's Gianandrea Bruzzone and Ericsson's Nadine Allen. Image courtesy of ABB.


Last January, ABB and Ericsson jointly participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to demonstrate the efficiency of 5G for long-distance, real-time communication. Now, the companies intend to repeat the success on a larger scale in the Asian region.

“Our partnership in Thailand means we will work together to accelerate the full potential of 5G for industrial manufacturing,” said Gianandrea Bruzzone, Country Managing Director at ABB Thailand.

This, Bruzzone said, will open the door for new digital opportunities in supporting Thailand’s growth in Industry 4.0 applications. Nadine Allen, Head of Ericsson Thailand, commented on the news by saying the partnership with ABB will help bring the benefits of 5G connectivity to various industries, including manufacturing, airports, ports, oil and gas, and mining. 



“For many, the immediate value of 5G lies not primarily in high speed and low latencies. Instead, requirements such as reliability, real-time positioning, security, and privacy matter most,” Allen explained. Both ABB and Ericsson have a strong presence in Thailand, especially since both companies originated in the region decades ago.


Merging Flagship Robotics with IoT

The new partnership will now see ABB and Ericsson join their flagship technologies to bring 5G capabilities to industrial automation applications. The first team deployed by ABB is the company’s Robotics & Discrete Automation division, combinings machine and factory automation solutions with a comprehensive robotics solutions and applications suite. 

Secondly, ABB will share the expertise of its Industrial Automation business, which offers a range of solutions for various process and hybrid industries.

These solutions include industry-specific integrated automation, electrification, digital solutions, and control technologies, software, and advanced services—also measurement and analytics, marine, and turbocharging offerings.


Users utilizing ABB’s robotic capabilities. Image courtesy of ABB.


ABB Motion will also join the partnership with Ericsson, providing the company with low-carbon solutions for industries, cities, infrastructure, and transportation.

ABB’ Ability Platform Services will also be part of the new collaboration. Launched in 2017, the platform offers more than 200 digital solutions to enable enterprises to increase productivity and safety at lower costs.


Ericsson to Provide IoT Platform

Ericsson will provide access to its numerous Communication Service Provider partners, as well as its IoT-Accelerator platform.

IoT-Accelerator is a solution designed to connect and manage billions of devices and millions of applications easily. Ericsson has used the platform to develop solutions in smart wireless manufacturing, automotive, and connectivity scenarios. Now, the collaboration between ABB and Ericsson will see the deployment of new, innovative solutions.

According to the companies, these will range from cover 5G enabled Augmented Reality (AR) lenses for remote commissioning in manufacturing environments to global NB-IoT connected motors and drives.

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