Absolute Linear Encoders Equipped With Siemens Drive-CLiQ Interface

March 19, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

New encoders with Siemens Drive-CLiQ Interface allow easy plug-and-play into Siemens motion controller environments.

Siemens and Balluff Working Together

Balluff supplies solutions and for industries including energy, packaging, food and beverage, semiconductor, life, factory, semiconductor, metal fabrication and more.

Industrial identification systems, inductive, photoelectric, linear, capacitive and magnetic field sensors are just some of the products and systems offered by Balluff. 

Recently, the company announced the release of its next line of absolute magnetic linear encoders integrated with a Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ interface.


New Encoders With Automatic Detection and Other Unique Features

The BML SGA encoders, BML085L and BML08MH, incorporate a simple to use plug-and-play system for easy integration into Siemens motion control environments. The Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ interface allows controllers to automatically detect the sensor and its basic settings. 


The BML SGA encoders offer users:

  • A non-contact and wear-free measuring principle 
  • High system accuracy (±12 μm) for measuring stroke lengths up to 48 m (with a position resolution of µm)
  • Read distance (up to 1.3 mm) for easy installation
  • Reliable operation and faster maintenance using status LED and diagnostics functions
  • A space-saving and compact form.


With all of the above-integrated features, controllers are designed to be convenient, easily-integrated, and installed. 

The system uses automatic condition monitoring to measure the quality of signal input to detect any position shift during operation. The ability to be able to leave and re-engage with the tape is permissible, providing greater user flexibility.


BML SGA encoder. Image used courtesy of Balluff Inc.


The BML 08MH version has an additional temperature sensor input to provide controllers with the option of collecting this type of data.  As this system works magnetically, it is resilient to temperature change, dirt (such as from dust and oil), or wear. 

The ambient temperature range for both BML085L and BML08MH encoders is –30 to +70 degrees Celsius. 

Additionally, the compact form factor of these encoders makes the measuring system easy to integrate into existing applications, even for those with tight mounting conditions.

 The durable casing of the encoders is constituted by die-cast zinc and stainless steel and uses an M12-male 8-pin connection. Lastly, the function reserve can be evaluated in the controller.


Siemens DRIVE-CLIQ Interface

Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ is based on 100Mbit/s Ethernet but without much of the lost packet and collision handling capability. This allows for a high-speed deterministic system. 

DRIVE-CLiQ allows connection to drive modules, connecting motors, control units, sensor modules, and terminal modules. 


BML SGA encoder with Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ. Image used courtesy of Balluff Inc. 

The protocol meets performance requirements for demanding applications with a speed of 100 Mbit/s and a cycle time of 31.25 μs.  Motion control system components with DRIVE-CLiQ are automatically configured with each other since every component has an electronic label.

This solution provides an economical solution for demanding applications in automation and machine tool building industries. 

These encoders can deliver accurate real-time positioning and end-of-travel.