Ametek Acquires Three Companies in Hopes to Advance Control and Automation Solutions

April 09, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Electronic instruments manufacturer Ametek has announced the acquisition of three companies this week to expand their control and automation portfolio.

As part of their expansion efforts, Ametek completed the acquisition of Magnetrol International, Crank Software, and EGS Automation. The transactions cost Ametek roughly $270 million.


Magnetrol: Solving Complex Level and Flow Challenges

Magnetrol focuses on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of measurement instruments for level and flow control. Founded in 1932, the company was reportedly the first to manufacture a liquid level switch to detect specific motion of liquid in boilers and feedwater systems and the first pneumatic valve controller.

Magnetrol owns six manufacturing facilities across the US, Europe, and Asia and delivers solutions for several industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food, and beverage. The company offers various controls and intelligent flow controls for process industries, such as condensate and waste heat recovery, centrifugal pump protection, and more.


Crank: GUI Design for Improved Customer Experience

Crank is a Graphical user interface (GUI) design and development software company. The company's flagship product is Storyboard, a cross-platform GUI development framework intended to enable the design of customized user experiences.


Crank's software platform. Image used courtesy of Crank


Based in Ontario, Canada, Crank was founded in 2007 and has since specialized in developing GUI solutions for resource-constrained embedded devices such as in-car graphical displays, animated GPS systems, and user interfaces on factory floors.

The company has won various awards in the past few years, including Best Embedded Software at Embedded World 2020, the John Deere Innovation Award, and the Best Ottawa Business Company of the Year award.


EGS: Innovating in Industrial Automation Technology

EGS has been working in the field of industrial automation technology since 1996. The company develops, implements, and services various robotic solutions for the medical, food and beverage, and general industrial markets.

EGS is currently looking to expand its team by hiring a CAD designer to help develop and construct customer-specific robot automation systems in SolidWorks with connection to the ERP system. The company is headquartered in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.


A Threefold Expansion Effort Towards Automation 

According to Ametek's press release last week, the combined annual sales of the companies it has recently acquired amount to approximately $120 million.

"Each of these businesses provides AMETEK with unique capabilities which strategically expand our presence in attractive growth areas," said David A. Zapico, AMETEK Chairman, and CEO, commenting on the news.


A look at EGS automation solutions at work in a facility. Image used courtesy of EGS


As part of the acquisition, Magnetrol and Crank Software joined AMETEK's Electronic Instruments Group (EIG), while EGS Automation joined the company's Electromechanical Group (EMG). "Magnetrol is an excellent acquisition for AMETEK and nicely complements our Sensors, Test, and Calibration (STC) business," Zapico explained.

According to the CEO, the combination of Magnetrol and STC solutions will contribute to creating an "industry-leading, differentiated sensor platform with a broad range of level and flow measurement solutions." Crank's Storyboard platform will complement AMETEK's portfolio of software solutions.

"Their award-winning Storyboard platform and service capabilities are positioned well to capitalize on the accelerating demand for smart, digitally-enabled devices across a variety of end markets," Zapico said.

The acquisition of EGS will enhance AMETEK Dunkermotoren's business with more customizable engineering design and automation capabilities. "The combination of EGS and Dunkermotoren provides a broader suite of automation solutions and expands our presence in this attractive market," Zapico concluded.