AMETEK Process Instruments Launches E-Commerce Website for the U.S. Market

December 08, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

How could this distribution site help engineers have more access and options to equipment?

AMETEK Process Instruments has launched a new e-commerce website for the U.S. market. The move fits into a wider trend from electronics distributors to make their products, particularly those for automation applications, increasingly available online.

The AMETEK Process Instruments online marketplace is already up and running.


Offering More Automation Equipment

AMETEK, originally only a manufacturer, is not the first electronics distributor that started focusing more on the industrial automation market in recent times.

For instance, back in August 2020, Digi-Key Electronics launched a marketplace that gave customers access to its entire selection of products. In recent years, Mouser and Allied Electronics have also started selling an increasing number of electronic components targeting industrial automation markets.

This trend is evident from this year’s EETech Media & Marketing survey, which showcased a definite shift of traditional electronics manufacturers and distributors toward these applications.

Specifically, the study revealed that the number of companies purchasing from AutomationDirect, a distributor focusing mainly on automation products, recently declined considerably as competition from large electronics distributors increased.


AMETEK Process Instruments: An Overview

The company specializes in the manufacturing of process analyzers and instrumentation. From an organizational standpoint, AMETEK Process Instruments is a business unit of AMETEK’s Process & Analytical Instruments division.

The company’s research and manufacturing efforts focus on seeking out ways to overcome the limitations of current approaches to process monitoring, control, and quality assurance.


ametek process industries 5100

AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures several products for natural gas applications. Image used courtesy of AMETEK


While AMETEK Process Instruments’ engineering and manufacturing activities take place exclusively in North America, it has direct sales and service offices worldwide, as well as a broad network of factory-trained manufacturer’s representatives and distributors.

In terms of market focus, AMETEK Process Instruments designs and delivers electronics for pulp and paper production, power generation, and metals refining and production. It also provides pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, natural gas, thermal oxidizer control, and fuel cell research, among others.


The AMETEK Online Parts Store

Following the launch of the new marketplace, AMETEK Process Instruments’ customers can purchase a vast range of the company’s products online, including combustion, moisture, and sulfur components.

Upon launch, the online marketplace features products exclusively from AMETEK and its subsidiary THERMOX, specializing in combustion monitoring and control devices.


ametek process industries chanscope

AMETEK also manufactures measurement equipment for hydrocarbon processing operations. Image used courtesy of AMETEK


Customers interested in purchasing electronics parts via the website will simply have to sign up with a free account. A link to the online store has also been added to AMETEK Process Instruments’ main website.

With its $5.5 billion of yearly sales, AMETEK is considered a largely relevant electronics manufacturer around the world, so its new marketplace is set to send ripples through the automation industry. 

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