Automatica 2023: TM Robotics Showcases Complete THE SCARA Robot Range

June 21, 2023 by Stephanie Leonida

Have you seen the complete THE range of SCARA robots from Shibaura Machines? TM Robotics will reveal the entire series for the European audience at the upcoming Automatica 2023 trade fair in Germany.

Shibaura Machine’s principal distribution partner and global supplier of industrial robots, TM Robotics, announced the launch plans for the former company’s complete THE SCARA robot range at Automatica 2023. Automatica is an internationally renowned trade showcasing the latest innovations in automation and robotics. The fair will be held in Münich, Germany, between June 27 and June 30. Event attendees can visit hall B5, stand 406, where TM Robotics will present its THE SCARA robot range under the parent company booth name, Shibaura Machine.


TM Robotics THE SCARA Robot

The THE800 SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of TM Robotics


Shibaura’s THE SCARA Range

SCARA (which stands for selective compliant articulated robot arm) robots were first developed to help automate loading, unloading, and assembly activities with accuracy and speed. They have a two-link arm designed to mimic the movement of a human arm and are considered to be the more compact and relatively fast among other industrial robots.

Shibaura Machines' THE range of SCARA robots offers a variety of models with different arm lengths, payload capacities, and cycle durations. Each model is tailored to specific application needs for industrial environments. These robots are used in a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and others where speed and efficient inspection, assembly, packaging, and pick and place are all critical for production.


THE800 and THE1000

The 20 kg payload THE800 model has a maximum horizontal reach of 800 mm and a minimal maximum cycle time of 0.41 seconds. The overall weight of the robot stands at 46 kg and has a permitted inertia of 0.6 kg per m2. The bot is the second largest in the range has been designed to provide high-speed operations with greater accuracy.

Another addition to the SCARA team of bots is the THE1000, the largest of the lineup weighing in at 49 kg with a maximum reach of 1000 mm. While this bot could be used for a variety of applications, it could also be used for electric vehicle battery assembly. The THE1000 is also suited to high-speed operations coming with a maximum cycle time of 0.44 seconds.


Other THE Range Bots

The THE400 is the smallest choice in the lineup. Despite its small form, the THE400 can also operate at rapid speeds with a cycle time of 0.39 seconds. According to TM Robotics, this variant is adapted for precision production and inspection applications in sectors such as electronics and vehicle components.

Similar to other bots in the THE range, the THE600 provides operators with speedy performance. The bot has a bit more modest reach of 600 mm, but has been enhanced to provide more synchronized control and precise tracking.


The TS5000 Robot Controller

Shibaura Machine’s TS5000 robot controller employs the user-friendly TP5000 teach pendant with seven-inch color touch sensitive panel and split-screen display to enable more accessible robot programming. The 10kg controller has a small footprint, reduced from previous versions by 33 percent.


TM Robotics controller

The TS5000 robot controller. Image used courtesy of TM Robotics


The controller features I/O ports for control and status feedback, along with others dedicated to non-protocol communication (of which eight ports are available) and priority communication (such as vision interfacing).

In comparison to prior controllers, the TS5000 has a three-fold quicker position cycle for improved control and synchronization. It also has an acceleration auto adjustment feature, which helps to shorten cycle time while mitigating vibratory disturbance and stress.


SCARA Robots

High speed, matched with precise and accurate motion, is essential in modern robotics. For specialized picking and placing applications, SCARA robots are established as a well-suited solution.TM Robotics is excited to showcase its entire lineup, highlighting the newest innovations, to the attendees of Automatica 2023.