Baumer Releases O200 Optical Sensor Suitable for Detecting Very Small Objects

October 05, 2020 by Seth Price

Baumer’s newly developed O200 laser sensors can be used for detecting objects as small as 0.05 mm.

According to their press release, detecting small parts and small gaps with these sensors is possible even under challenging detection conditions.  These sensors pulse a red laser light (644 nm wavelength) and wait for the reflection.  


The O200 Series

The O200 series sensors come in a variety of styles, with several different mechanical attachment methods, ranges and resolutions. The Baumer catalog already has O200 series sensors for detecting larger objects up to 5 m away, and smaller objects 20-120 mm away.


The O200 series sensors. Image courtesy of Baumer


The newest additions to this series of sensors can detect 0.05 mm objects from 10 mm away. For comparison, a human hair is approximately 0.05 to 0.07 mm. 


New Laser Light Technology

The O200 series also features several models with background light suppression. Laser detectors are often fooled by bright, ambient light, as is found in modern manufacturing environments filled with energy-efficient LED lighting. Angled or round surfaces are also difficult to detect, due to the way the laser reflects off these surfaces. 

Also, very dark surfaces absorb the laser rather than reflecting it, making those difficult to detect as well. Depending on the application, certain models can emit a line of laser light or a single point of light. 

The sensors produce a signal of less than 50 mA, with a power supply of 10 V to 24 V DC, which is an industry-standard for many sensors and actuators. They can be interfaced using software provided by Baumer, and have several diagnostic LEDs for basic troubleshooting.

The O200 series sensors. Image courtesy of Baumer

The O200 series sensors are housed in a small package (8 mm x 25.1 mm x 14.1 mm), and are lightweight, allowing for their use in areas with tight space requirements or low clearances. These sensors can be easily placed on robotic hands and grippers, and will not affect the motion of the hand.


Adaptability with Robots and Cobots

Due to their small size and ability to be placed on robots and cobots, they will find use in any industry that values automation. In particular, the packaging and electronics industries are set to benefit from this innovation.

The O200 series sensors, when combined with specialized robotic arms, will be able to handle, seal, and trim packaging material without damaging it. The products or packaging can be precisely placed, using the proper gripping force, due to the accuracy of these sensors. 

The electronics industry can potentially benefit from these sensors as well. The high resolution of these sensors allows for precise detection and placement of fine wires for soldering, extremely accurate placement of chips, and for inspecting completed electronic assemblies for broken wires or traces in printed circuit boards.

Textile and composite industries can take advantage of the fine resolution on these sensors to place fibers and threads accurately and consistently. 

Whether it is machine threading sewing needles or directionally reinforcing a composite panel with silica fibers, these sensors can minimize scrap and lot-to-lot variations.

The future is bright with the Baumer O200 Series high-resolution laser detectors. Most manufacturing and processing facilities will find uses for the fine detection and background light suppression capabilities of these sensors.