Berkshire Grey Partners with Systems Integrator AHS to Bring Warehouse Robots to Factory Floor

September 21, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

How will this partnership impact automation applications in the warehouse?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled robots’ manufacturer Berkshire Grey has entered a new partnership with system integrator Advanced Handling Systems (AHS). The new collaboration will see the companies jointly deliver warehouse robotics to the world’s largest eCommerce and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.


A robotic arm designed and manufactured by Berkshire Grey. Image used courtesy of Berkshire Grey


The move comes at a moment of pressure for 3PL providers amidst an eCommerce boom and increasing labor shortages.


Intelligent Enterprise Robotics’ Expertise

The company specializes in robotic solutions designed to automate online order fulfillment and store replenishment operations. According to the company’s website, Berkshire Grey has improved operational efficiency and productivity in several warehouses and distribution centers in the past eight years of operations.

Some of the company’s notable achievements include a 90% reduction in truck unload time, a threefold throughput capacity, a 70% reduction of overhead costs, and a 35% space-saving thanks to smaller footprints’ components. Since being founded in 2013, the company has raised over $428 million in funding from investors, including BlackRock, SoftBank Vision Fund, and Social Capital.


Fostering Technical Partnerships 

AHS is a partner company focusing on providing integrated fulfillment and distribution solutions within the supply chain. The company utilizes a six-step process called DesignBuild to ensure partner companies are followed throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

According to AHS, the DesignBuild process has been proven to improve the efficiency of supply chain processes and improve employee productivity and maximize companies’ return on investment.


Part of the Berkshire Grey team. Image used courtesy of Berkshire Grey


The company is part of many professional organizations in the handling and logistics space, including MHI, MHEDA, AND WERC. AHS is also a wholly-owned affiliate of Gregory Poole Equipment Company.


Delivering Enhanced Warehouse Robotics 

The partnership between Berkshire Grey and AHS will enable the firms to deliver robotic systems that integrate into broader operations and increase automation levels in the warehouse.


The demand for automated omnichannel fulfillment is growing steadily in the automation industry. Image used courtesy of Berkshire Grey


“Only five percent of companies currently have any level of robotic automation in their warehouses and are at risk of losing market share because they can’t keep up with demand — we can help fix that,” explained James Hendrickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Alliances at Berkshire Grey. 

The collaboration will now aid Berkshire Grey to increase its fulfillment throughput further.

“Partnering with AHS allows us to deliver a comprehensive robotic automation portfolio, accelerate the adoption of AI and robotics and enable warehouse supply chains across industries to scale and grow,” the executive added.

AHS may benefit from the partnership by evolving its innovation portfolio substantially. For more information about the Berkshire Grey’s Partner Alliance program, you check out their website. 

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