Berkshire Grey Focuses on Supply Chain Automation with New AI-enabled Robot

July 01, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Berkshire Grey has launched an Intelligent Enterprise Robotic picking and mobility solution designed for easier implementation in warehouse automation.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, general consumer usage of same-day and next-day delivery, curbside pickup, and buy online and pick up in-store has increased. 

Berkshire Grey specializes in AI-enabled robotic solutions and recently announced the launch of their Intelligent Enterprise Robotic (IER) picking and mobility robot to aid order fulfillment providers in meeting the demand.


IER Integrated Picking and Mobility Solutions

Intelligent Enterprise Robotic (IER) picking and mobility solutions refer to Berkshire Grey’s combination of mobile robots, AI (artificial intelligence), and orchestration software.



Berkshire Grey’s IER Picking and Mobility Solutions allow industrial facilities to optimize and increase throughput for orders at lower costs than comparable legacy systems. Image used courtesy of Berkshire Grey


IER is still a relatively new term to the automation industry. It seems to be used primarily by Berkshire Grey to express how their technology takes a new approach to picking and mobility.


IER Picking and Mobility Robots

IER uses mobile intelligent robots for picking and transportation, resulting in a highly dynamic sortation system that allows induct and discharge locations to be placed wherever needed. In addition, the robots support agile any-induct-to-any-discharge and intelligent storage.

The picking and mobility robots can autonomously lift and transport packages weighing up to 27.2 kg (60 lbs).


Berkshire Grey’s mobility and picker robots can be used in industrial warehouse operations and shipping management and control. Image used courtesy of Berkshire Grey


They are designed to work with packages and products that prove difficult for other systems, such as shrink-wrapped packages (e.g., water bottle packs, dog food bags), non-conveyable items, and glass items. Berkshire Grey’s picking and mobility robots can also adjust and rotate positions, function without a tote container/ tray, and pass beneath conveyor belts and shelves. 


AI In Warehouse Automation 

The AI aspect of the robots allows them to further improve performance over time and the orchestration software coordinates the activities of the robots in a fleet. 

In addition, Berkshire Grey’s IER picking and mobility solution are also designed to be highly scalable. Additional throughput can be achieved by adding more mobile bots, and the robots have been designed to handle much greater SKU coverage than traditional approaches.

According to Berkshire Grey, their IER solution is ideal for small businesses, distribution centers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers of all sizes. It can easily support robotic fleets that number into the thousands. 

In addition, their automation solutions for IER are dynamically reconfigurable and available via Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) implementation models