Bosch Aims to Digitalize Manufacturing by Revamping Industry 4.0 Software

July 01, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Bosch uses #LikeABosch campaign to show digitally improved factory production with Nexeed Industrial Application System.

Bosch's second launch of its Nexeed Industrial Application System provides customers with the next revelation in the digitization of factory systems. Building upon the Bosch Production System, the new application system combines lean management of IIoT.

The novelty of the system comes from incorporating the needs of the employee with the optimization of production logistics. The connected process embodied by Nexeed primes users for Industry 4.0. With a humorous and vivifying musical wrap, Shawn provides a playful low-down of what Nexeed means for the future of digitized factories.


Factory Digitization Will Never Be the Same

In Bosch’s engaging “Manufacture #LikeABosch” campaign video, we see a more human-centric operation process with seamless information flow for quality production and logistics. But let’s break it down, what does the advent of the Nexeed system mean for factory operators and their teams? 

The Nexeed Machine and equipment package offers conditioning and monitoring applications which enables the collection, harmonization, and visualization of production and machine data in one central digital space. Every machine and its functionality is visible on the factory floor at all times.


Nexeed Industrial Application System (IAS). Image courtesy of Bosch Connected Industry


From any mobile device, system engineers can use the data to monitor production and optimize it when needed. They can also customize their production process with the ability to configure rules for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. An adaptable dashboard is available for various evaluation options to suit user requirements. 


Unique Nexeed Packages

The Nexeed system incorporates intralogistics with other applications including stock and transport management. These packages enable the streamlining of vehicle milk runs, checking the status of production material and intelligent automated booking. Logistics managers and material flow planners can keep the flow of their vehicles and goods in check at all times with full transparency. 

Other Nexeed packages that are available to customers depending on specific needs include shopfloor management, operating base, and product and quality.


Nexeed Open Integration. Image courtesy of Bosch Connected Industry. 


“The Nexeed Industrial Application System is more than a mere app store for production and logistics,” said Sven Hamann, senior vice president of Bosch Connected Industry. “All applications are developed, tested, and tailored to user needs by experts,” Hamann added.

In the same news release, Hamann says that not only does Nexeed provide access to factory system data in a compatible and standardized way, it also allows the generation of valuable insights for users to optimize processes further. 


Value Chain Digitization

With Nexeed, the digitization of factory processes alongside the IIoT revolution will be sure to renovate the entire value chain altogether. From a wide variety of customers around the world including BMW and sensor manufacturer SICK, individuals including plant operators, logisticians, machine builders will benefit from the seamless flow of data and communication with the opportunity to achieve a 25% increase in productivity at individual sites.