Brain Corp Raises $36 Million to Meet Growing Demand for Autonomous Robots

May 01, 2020 by Damond Goodwin

Brain Corp’s floor cleaning mobile robots have seen a large increase in sales since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Who is Brain Corp?

Brain Corp started when Eugene Izhikevich decided to leave the world of academia and start a company with co-founder Allen Gruber. They wanted to focus on smart robotics in order to make autonomous robots more common in society’s everyday life. 

They have also managed to raise $36 million in backing for the expansion of their endeavors. The backing was led by SoftBank Corp, and Brain is going to use the funds to expand their floor cleaning robots after a large increase in sales to help with the labor shortage in some of the harder hit industries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about fundamental changes to the way we look at cleanliness and Brain Corp is hoping to make a difference in the fight against the virus, by offering a robotic solution to labor shortages during the outbreak. 


brain corp mobile robots

Brain Corp mobile robots. Image used courtesy of Brain Corp. 


They are a business that focuses on AI control systems in robots and has seen a 13% increase in their products related to floor cleaning since the outbreak of the pandemic. Cleaning robots benefit companies not only in reducing the amount of labor needed for clean floors but in the reduction of the human to human contact in the process of sanitization. Brain recognizes the benefit they can have to industries currently on the front lines of the pandemic, where minimization of human to human contact, and efficient sanitation are a growing concern.  


Brain Looks to Help Front Line Workers

Brain Corp is pushing to get cleaning robots to the parts of the economy hit the hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak. Industries like health, retail, education, and airports have had to revamp their cleaning procedures since they are more directly affected by the pandemic than some industries. 

Brain Corp’s original equipment manufacturers use Brains technology to make equipment that is safe for use around workers and customers, adding to the viability of robots that clean while businesses are still open. These smart robots have helped to alleviate some of the burden felt by essential workers, by either doing the laborious task of cleaning for them, so they can focus on more pressing matters, or by reducing the number of workers needed to help lower the risk of infection. 


Funding Will Expand AI Efforts

Although Brain Corp has seen the most growth in the cleaning sector recently, they are looking to use some of the funding for expanding into other parts of their customers’ industries. They hope to help improve productivity by using AI to make different aspects of the global industry run more efficiently. 

Things such as inventory, shelf logistics, employee efficiency, and other aspects of manufacturing, are on Brain’s radar as they continue to expand into different markets. 

COVID 19 has shown how useful robots, AI, and autonomous systems can be during a pandemic. They allow workers to focus on the most important tasks at hand, reducing the need for human labor on things such as floor cleaning in large retail stores, and hospitals. 

Brain has seen an expansion in sales since March, and are currently expanding production in with the help of SoftBank Corp and other investors. Although they are currently focused on helping with sanitation, they are looking to move toward a world where robotics are commonplace in everyday life. 


They are hoping to use their AI technology to improve different industries through better efficiency and productivity.