Cisco Secure Application Solution Helps Simplify Vulnerability Management

February 21, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

AppDynamics, a subsidiary of global security firm Cisco, released Cisco Secure Application, a complete framework aimed at simplifying vulnerability management.

The new solution provides companies with business and application performance monitoring capabilities, as well as security insights designed to prevent and fix breaches.


Cisco Secure Application dashboard

Cisco Secure Application dashboard. Image courtesy of Cisco.


Cisco Secure Application is built entirely within the AppDynamics platform.


Simplifying Vulnerability Management 

According to Cisco, many companies today deploy inherently insecure applications responsible for handling vast amounts of daily user data. This is particularly true in industrial scenarios, where systems are often found to have vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit.

The pandemic is further exacerbating this phenomenon, with an increasing number of people working from partly or entirely insecure locations.

Cisco Secure Application is designed to tackle these issues and enable security experts to identify vulnerabilities within the application during production. The solution can also correlate vulnerabilities and breaches, calculate business impact, and enable coordinated efforts between application and security teams to facilitate quick mitigating action. 


Cisco Secure Application Attacks tab

Cisco Secure Application’s Attacks tab. Image courtesy of Cisco.


Cisco Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeetu Patel explained in the news release how application security breaches and exploitations could be life-altering for the end-user. According to the executive, companies cannot afford to ignore this risk, which Cisco Secure Application is designed to mitigate.


A Comprehensive Set of Security Tools

Cisco Secure Application provides enterprise IT teams with a number of both passive and active tools, allowing them to benefit from reduced alert fatigue, real-time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention. 

Companies often consider transforming and aligning their security, applications development, and operations tools, processes, and teams.

Application vulnerability management is one of the key areas where substantial changes can be pursued while also delivering substantial business benefits. This, in time, will result in businesses' confidence in application performance without fearing repercussions in terms of damage to customer trust and brand reputation.


Cisco Secure Application Vulnerabilities tab

Cisco Secure Application’s Vulnerabilities tab. Image courtesy of Cisco.


In terms of specific features, Cisco Secure Application offers automatic runtime protection to provide visibility into an application's true behavior. This allows the program to automatically detect and block attacks. Vulnerability management is also simplified by allowing access at the code level to help detect dependency and configuration level security vulnerabilities in production.

Moreover, Cisco Secure Application automatically correlates security details with applications’ topology to assign business relevance to security events, allowing teams to focus on the most imminent and relevant threats.

The latest version of AppDynamics featuring Cisco Secure Application is already accessible through early availability. 

For more information about it and a live demo, you can visit Cisco’s AppDynamics product page

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