Control Automation Launches PLC Tutorial Video Series

July 05, 2022 by David Peterson

Watch our 'Introduction to PLCs' series by our very own Control Automation engineering staff. Join us for the YouTube premier LIVE event on Wednesday, July 6th with a Q&A from the video author and engineer.

PLC Tutorial Videos

In the world of YouTube and other online platforms, it is easier than ever to find instructional content covering all sorts of subjects. But it can be equally frustrating to be met with inaccurate or low quality content that provides a stumbling block to learning.

We have the solution for you.

We are proud to announce the launch of a Control Automation video tutorial series, beginning with a sequence of videos instructing you in the basics of working with PLCs. In the series, we’ll discuss the hardware, the input and output wiring, the programming, and the many networking features you need to understand to advance your career.

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YouTube Premier LIVE Launch

In our first video, we will discuss the hardware components that are critical to modern PLCs. Not just the connections with the field devices, but the power requirement, networking channels, and the various form factors that might be seen from the smallest to the largest system integrations.

Check out the webpage for the YouTube premier event and mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 6th at 11am ET / 8 am PT to watch live!

You don’t need to sign up or log in to watch this free content, but only YouTube members can interact with our live question and answer chat. Besides, signing up for the newsletter and subscribing to the channel will give you all the latest info about upcoming videos as we continue this PLC series and explore all sorts of new, innovative topics and equipment from our many partners.

Join us on Wed July 6th at 11am ET / 8 am PT

What does it mean to watch a premier launch of a YouTube video? You can watch the very first unveiling of the video, and we will be there to answer questions in the live chat. You can provide your feedback, suggestions, and input for future videos. Then, when the event is done, you can share the video on your own social media channels and encourage your friends to check it out.

Education is something we believe in strongly here at and EETech Media. If we wish to share content with the world, it is best to adopt the mindset of a teacher. We are constantly learning new skills, and we love sharing those skills with the world.

That’s why our motto here at EETech is Helping Engineers Engineer the Future!

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