DWFritz Automation Showcases New Metrology and Inspection System to Promote Quality Control

October 27, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

What is this new platform from DWFritz Automation and how could it help engineers with quality control and inspection tasks?

DWFritz Metrology

The metrology division of DWFritz automation is a global supplier of precision inspection automation and metrology solutions for all kinds of manufacturing industries. They specialize in non-contact, high-speed inspection machines.

They specialize in build-to-print automation solutions. DWFritz Metrology recently developed a no-touch or non-contact inspection platform designed specifically for rotors, stators, and brake rotors. This platform is called the ZeroTouch ZTR


ZeroTouch ZTR

The ZTR is a non-contact high-precision inspection platform that simultaneously inspects multiple different features of rotors, stators, and brake disks. The ZTR is part of the ZeroTouch automated inspection line. 

The ZeroTouch series of inspection machines uses multiple non-contact inspection technologies such as lasers, vision systems, and custom multispectral lighting. The machines can use these technologies to measure parts on the micron level. They are also capable of a much lower turnaround time than a traditional CMM (coordinate measuring machine) would use. 


The new metrology platform, the ZeroTouch ZTR. Image used courtesy of DWFritz Automation 


Like the ZTG, a non-contact gear inspection machine, the ZTR is designed to inspect manual and automatic rotors and stators. The ZTR uses multiple non-contact inspection sensors that exist in a proprietary architecture to produce millions of data points, essentially creating a digital twin of the part. 

This digital replica can then be fully analyzed within seconds using DWFritz Metrology software. Due to the nature of the inspection technology, features such as enamel or resin coatings on the surface can be inspected in detail. 


The ZeroTouch ZTR platform. Image used courtesy of DWFritz Automation


The machine can also detect any defects on these surfaces. The ZTR works with the ZeroTouch Orchestrator software, which uses more configuration-based programming vs. a typical G-Code style of machine language. 

The system uses non-contact technology, so this type of inspection machine doesn’t need complex programming to prevent crashing into the part. 


End-of-Line Inspection and Additional Features

There is usually some kind of quality control or inspection station at the end of any manufacturing process. Quality control is a critical part of any manufacturing process. If your product is not inspected for function and defects, customers will learn not to trust your product or even your brand. 


A diagram showing the surface detection capabilities of the new platform. Image used courtesy of DWFritz Automation 

Automotive manufactures spend millions of dollars on inspection equipment because a recall of parts could cost millions more. Safety recalls could end up in court and cost lives as well as millions of dollars.

Component inspection is critical in many manufacturing applications such as the semiconductor and EV markets. 

Electric vehicles are complex and can be costly to repair. An early recall of components could be devastating for a new automaker in the market. Ensuring the quality of components and assemblies is a very important stage of building a quality vehicle.

DWFritz Automation is hopeful that their new ZeroTouch ZTR metrology platform will help engineers perform inspection tasks a bit easier than before.