ecoRobotix Raises Millions to Push Agriculture AI Technology Forward

June 29, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

Industrial robotics company, ecoRobotix, recently received 14.7 million USD in funding to drive AI farming technology.

What is Agricultural Automation?

Agricultural automation is the application of smart technology, or industrial automation practices to automate crop or livestock production cycles. It has the power to reduce waste and increase yields by applying more precise methods to the agricultural process.  

Agricultural automation can also include artificial intelligence to increase yield, reduce waste, and decrease production times across agricultural industries.

Different automation companies are beginning to apply what they have learned from traditional manufacturing automation to farming. In addition, other startup companies have gained the support of investors to help make agricultural automation its own industry.  


A diagram showing ecoRobotix AI agriculture technology. Image used courtesy of ecoRobotix


With the help of new technology and the application of existing technology from the industrial sector, agriculture as we know it is starting to see the benefit of automation and AI technologies. 



ecoRobotix is a robotics company based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. They were founded in 2014, and provide AI-based solutions to make ultra-high precision farming possible. They are a certified B corporation that employs a number of agricultural and AI engineering specialists.  

In recent years, the company has won several awards for its innovation and contribution to the technology fields. They have helped to develop a transition towards more sustainable, eco-friendly, and economic farming.

They have gained a lot of support from different investors, helping them to move forward with their agricultural technology ventures. “Swisscom Ventures is proud to support a cutting edge Swiss agri-tech solution with venture capital and 5G technology competence. ecoRobotix solutions not only assist producers in reducing their use of plant protection products by up to 95%, but also in lowering their operating costs. This enables the production of high-quality crops and non-contaminated food at affordable prices,” mentioned Dominique Megret, Head of Swisscom Ventures. 


14.7 Million in Funding

Recently, ecoRobotix has received 14.7 million USD in funding in its latest Series C funding campaign. Swisscom Ventures and Verve Ventures led the funding and backed by existing ecoRobotix investors, including 4FO Ventures, CapAgro, and BASF Venture Capital.

They plan to take the funding to move forward with agricultural automation that includes advanced ICT technologies such as 5G. In addition, they will be cooperating with Swisscom to develop cloud-based services and create solutions for sustainable agriculture.  


The ARA farming robot uses AI and vision systems to perform automated farming tasks. Image used courtesy of ecoRobotix


ecoRobotix has also developed a new AI-driven technology capable of reducing the amount of spray needed to eliminate invasive weeds, fungus, and insects in crops.  

The machine uses AI to identify the invaders and then uses a small sprayer to microdose them with pesticides. The construction of the machine essentially eliminates overspray and helps to keep honey bees and helpful insects from being harmed in the process.  

Since only pests are being sprayed, the amount of plant protection product needed is reduced by up to 95%, eliminating it in the final product and keeping it out of water sources. ecoRobotix has managed to create new solutions for reducing waste and making agriculture more efficient. 

Their products are capable of reducing harmful products in our food and water supply. They have managed to raise 14.3 million USD in funding to push their agricultural AI technology forward.