Active Harmonic Filter Solution Sees User-friendly Update With Addition of Advanced HMI

March 10, 2023 by Shawn Dietrich

Schaffner has added the option of an advanced human-machine interface (HMI) to their existing Ecosine Active Sync harmonic filter solution to increase client control and ease of use.

Harmonic filters are special circuits that block or shunt harmonic currents. By reducing harmonic currents, filters also reduce harmonic voltages, thus cleaning electrical signals. Recently, Schaffner, a global supplier of electrical filters that service the IT, industrial, and automotive sectors, added a user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) to their Ecosine Active Sync harmonic filters for greater client control and ease of use. 


Schaffner Ecosine Active Sync advanced HMI

Schaffner’s new HMI aims to make their Ecosine Active Sync harmonic filters easier to use. Image used courtesy of Schaffner


Active Harmonic Filters (AHFs) and HMIs

An HMI is an interface that allows humans to interact with machines. Just like an application on a mobile device, an HMI will have buttons, text editors, and numeric displays/inputs to control outputs or set parameters. An HMI application is typically designed and built for a specific machine. 

Most advanced harmonic filters run headless (without an HMI), so when parameters need to change, or users want to monitor the process, they need to get a laptop and special cables, connect to the filter, make the changes, then disconnect and put everything back. With an HMI permanently attached to the filter, parameters can be changed on the fly, or the process can be monitored in real-time. This process offers the client greater control over their equipment, resulting in a greater overall experience with the device. 

Schaffner's Ecosine Active Synce harmonic filter

A look at Schaffner's Ecosine Active Synce harmonic filter. Image used courtesy of Schaffner

Ecosine Active Sync HMI

Schaffner is adding an optional 7-inch capacitive color touch-screen user interface to their Ecosine Active Sync harmonic filters. Schaffner's filters are flexible and can be mounted on a wall or inside a control cabinet. Ecosine can be found in IT cabinets, HVAC equipment, wastewater facilities, and automation equipment.  

The newly added HMI will have gesture control similar to modern smartphones. The real-time monitoring feature will allow the client to monitor up to six traces on one oscilloscope-style chart. The HMI also has built-in memory to save measurements, and a USB drive can be attached for additional storage capabilities. The main screen will have operator alarms and warnings presented in bright colors to capture the eye of operators that might not be paying attention to the HMI. The new HMI will be optional for the Ecosine Active Sync. If the client does not request the HMI, they can still connect with a laptop and cable.


Screengrab of Ecosine Active Sync HMI

Display screen of the newly added Ecosine Active Sync HMI. Image used courtesy of Schaffner


A User-friendly AHF Solution

Electrical power is susceptible to electrically induced signals, also known as electrical noise. This noise can cause problems for servo drives or measuring equipment, so it is important to filter electrical signals much like you would filter contaminants from a water source. Schaffner hopes that with the addition of a user-friendly HMI to its Ecosine Active Sync, the process of harmonic mitigation is easier than ever.


Featured image used courtesy of Schaffner