Emerson Aims for Plant Connectivity with New Toolset to Digital Platform

December 29, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Emerson has announced their latest software management offering, the MyAssets toolset. 

In a world of increasing automation and smart devices, managing and maintaining modern industrial systems is increasingly becoming complex.


Emerson Announces MyAssets Toolset

Emerson has recently announced a new database management system, MyAssets. This system is designed to work with other Emerson products to improve productivity and increase organization for any industrial application. 



MyAssets System

MyAssets is a database system where users can view all devices from a single location. The database management system keeps track of all devices used in a plant and stores large metadata amounts.This metadata includes technical manuals, serial numbers, product numbers, instructions, service reports, and repair reports. 

The MyAssets system is integrated into the MyEmerson platform that allows for monitoring parts and devices to be linked to other tools and resources, including part sourcing, maintenance scheduling, accounts, and training. The use of MyAssets allows for devices to be linked to all members of an organization, helping to bridge gaps between departments. 


The MyAssets system interface. Image courtesy of Emerson


MyAssets can work with any equipment and manufacturer. A notable feature is unlocked when used with Emerson products. Emerson products come with serial numbers and QR codes that provide unique identifiers. From there, devices can be quickly registered and found on the MyAssets system, allowing for faster location of devices on-site. 

Users can work in MyWorkspace to order replacement parts and reconfigure Emerson products, such as valves, diaphragms, and different connectors. This information is then linked to part sourcing. The power of MyEmerson is then taken further with the inclusion of live chat that allows an engineer to communicate with an Emerson expert who helps with device configuration.

Once configured, devices can be added to a cart, whereby a sales department can procure quotes and orders. Once purchased, engineers and sales can track orders so that projects and planned works can be better scheduled. The entire platform is accessed through a browser, meaning that users can access the platform on almost all devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


How Can MyAssets Work in Various Industries?

MyAssets utilizes cloud-based technology that is directly linked to manufacturers. A critical factor in any industrial process is reliability. When equipment fails, it can be challenging to repair and source parts. 

MyAssets allows a plant to link to updated information on part availability and alternative spare parts. 

The system can schedule service reports all in a single location. This is designed to make it easier for both technicians and those ordering the servicing.

Users can work with MyAssets for plants that heavily utilize Emerson products with a large number of devices. While the platform integrates into small and medium enterprises (SMEs), databases' benefits will mostly go unneeded in small enterprises.