Rockwell Automation Collaborates with Cytiva to Accelerate Automation Platforms and Digital Transformation Efforts

December 23, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Rockwell and Cytiva work together to digitally create a new standardized manufacturing platform.

Rockwell Automation (Rockwell) specializes in industrial automation, motors, control components, and IT solutions. Rockwell just announced a collaboration with a global life sciences company, Cytiva.

Cytiva produces technologies and services that help the development and manufacture of therapeutics.


The Cytiva logo. Image used courtesy of Cytiva


Together, the duo aims to accelerate digital transformation for the life sciences industry. The plan is to create an automation and digital transformation Center in Shanghai, China to co-host demonstrations, training, and more.


Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Program

Cytiva has joined Rockwell’s PartnerNetwork Program as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner bringing a new and improved distributed control system offering to the market. The collaborative relationship between Rockwell and Cytiva was first established back in 2019.

Rockwell’s PartnerNetwork Program is composed of members with experience delivering products or services designed to work with Rockwell’s solutions. The PartnerNetwork Program team includes suppliers who understand how products are integrated, professionals with deep engineering knowledge, and first-rate industry leaders that uphold and adhere to industry standards.


The Rockwell PartnerNetwork logo. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


Members and partners may benefit from continued continuity and increased integration optimization that serves to drive desired business results. OEM partners could also have greater accessibility to domain knowledge experts with first-rate solutions and simplified implementations that accelerate return on investment (ROI).

Rockwell’s Chairman and CEO, Blake Moret, believes that the PartnerNetwork Program “plays a critical role in helping our customers increase productivity and competitiveness. By combining the strengths of our partners with our own innovations and domain expertise, we help our customers in a variety of industries around the world bring The Connected Enterprise to life.”


Rockwell and Cytiva

Rockwell and Cytiva will bring their combined expertise in biopharmaceuticals and automation to provide a more flexible method of pharmaceutical production and research and development.

In a recent news release, the General Manager at Cytiva in Greater China, Lihua Yu, commented, “As the industry moves toward more automated manufacturing solutions, together we can bring digital-oriented R&D and streamlined production to life not only in China but throughout the world. Our joint work will accelerate the development and delivery of transformative medicines, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver more medicines to patients in need.”


A Rockwell engineer demonstrating some capabilities of their digital transformation platform. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


These companies plan to create a standardized manufacturing platform that can handle and manage its data. Rockwell will contribute its product offerings and solutions to help Cytiva gain greater traction with its range of solutions and help promote Cytiva’s Figurate automation platform in China.

Additionally, Rockwell and Cytiva are taking other opportunities to digitally transform manufacturing. The duo has created centers, including the Testa Center in Uppsala, Sweden, to assist customers in their drug development process.

Augmented reality (AR) and IIoT are among other technologies that both Cytiva and Rockwell hope to employ in the future.

These companies hope to create a more digitized process and improve training for operators, effective equipment management, speedier batch review, and greater production efficiency.