Emerson Introduces Knife Gate Valve Designed for Heavy Slurry Processes

May 07, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Emerson releases its latest Knife Gate Valve, the Clarkson KS1, to help improve the processes of slurry services.

Global technology solutions powerhouse, Emerson Electric Co., announced a new product designed to withstand heavy slurry services. Emerson’s Clarkson KS1 Knife Gate Valve is a true bi-directional, full bore valve that incorporates robust features suited to the demands of slurry services. 


Video used courtesy of Emerson


Slurry can be defined as solid particular matter suspended in a liquid, usually water. Slurry services can involve the transportation and processing of slurry for mining and minerals, oil sands, pulp and paper, coal preparation, power, and steel applications.


Patented Gate Edge Seal

Emerson’s Clarkson KS1 Knife Gate Valve utilizes a patented field-adjustable gate edge seal and precision-molded elastomer seat to eliminate any leakage. The seal wraps around the gate and serves to enlarge the contact area and enhance the sealing ability of the valve. 

The patented gate edge seal incorporates a transverse seal design inside the chest and prevents leakage through the top of the valve. This design is unlike standard O-ring designs, which typically feature a minimal contact area and are prone to rupture. 

Emerson believes that its KS1 valve can help operators to achieve superior isolation performance for an extensive period. The KS1 Valve features a fully modular design to accommodate any standard accessory. 


KS1 Valve Features

Emerson’s new valve also features a full round port. This serves to eliminate protrusions into the flow, which can otherwise cause turbulence across the valve and reduce body life. Emerson integrated the full round port into the valve’s design to improve the longevity of sealing components and to reduce the impacts of slurry on downstream pipeline equipment. 


Emerson’s Clarkson KS1 Knife Gate Valve. Image used courtesy of Emerson


The valve comes standard with dual replaceable, inlet, and outlet Ni-Resist wear rings. These are fitted onto both sides of the valve to protect from the abrasion of slurry as it flows through. They can be rotated three times through four positions before requiring a replacement. This can help operators improve asset utilization and process productivity. 

In terms of serviceability, the packing pressure can be adjusted while the valve is in service with adjustment screws located on the side of the valve. 

The KS1 valve was designed so that it can be repaired with standard tools and readily available spare parts to help simplify maintenance. It is also designed to MSS-SP-135 face-to-face dimensions for simple changeout and upgrade of your underperforming installed valves. 

The valve comes in 2” through 30” sizes with various available flange patterns, and an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Class 150 pressure rating of 290 psi (pounds per square inch) at ambient temperature and a temperature rating up to 300°F. 

The valve’s zero-leakage solution allows customers to run processes for longer without disturbance, which can reduce maintenance costs and increase throughput.