New Siemens Actuator Line Designed for Small Valves and Multitasking

February 19, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Siemens announced its latest range of actuators for valves, which provide low-noise operation for automation use.

The SSA Actuator Range

The SSA range of actuators by Siemens is designed for small valve systems (such as central heating controls and water flow). The actuators include IP54 protection for more flexible installation. The actuators have an integrated LED display for status indication and utilize feedback signals to the controlling device to create a closed-loop design.


Video courtesy of Siemens


The main target application for the SSA actuator range is hydronic rooms for use in heating/cooling control applications whereby the medium used to control the temperature is a fluid (i.e., water). The actuators are designed to be quiet, provide fault-free operation, and allows manual override if the main controller connection is lost.

The SSA range has a maximum operating noise of 30dB. The actuators are designed to be backward-compatible with older systems so users can directly integrate them with little to no alterations.


Siemens Upgrades the SSA Actuator Range

The first major change to the SSA actuator range is the provision of multiple communication methods. While the traditional analog control mechanism is still present, Siemens also added KNX communications. This allows the SSA actuators to utilize digital communications and integrates power and signal into the same cable, reducing the number of wires needed.

The second major change to the SSA range is the introduction of night mode. Under this mode, the actuator reduces its operating noise and produces less than 28dB of mechanical noise. 


Acvatix room actuator SSA KNX

Acvatix room actuator SSA KNX. Image courtesy of Siemens.


Furthermore, the upgraded actuators were designed to be energy efficient and also integrate self-calibration for use in a power outage.


SSA Actuator Line Applications

The SSA actuator range is aimed for use in hydronic systems. Using the KNX communication system, the SSA actuators are also fit for intelligent smart control systems such as automation and IIoT. Using a single cable for power and communication not only saves on cable but also on cost. 


Acvatix room actuator SSA KNX

Acvatix room actuator SSA KNX. Image courtesy of Siemens.


Another application for the SSA actuators is systems that do not utilize a smart control system. The actuators feature two inputs that can be connected to external switches, such as window open detection systems, door switches, and local thermostats. Such controls allow for individual room control (user preference) without the need for expensive or complex interface systems.

Furthermore, using a self-calibration system makes the SSA actuators appropriate for applications requiring minimal human interaction and servicing. Upon a power cycle (as a result of a power outage), the actuators can automatically configure themselves and begin normal operation without the need for intervention.

Siemens hopes the new actuators will benefit users in the industrial sector for multitasking and specific automated applications.