SMC Releases New Direct Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve

August 17, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

SMC has engineered a new lineup of stainless steel 2-port solenoid valves for use in potable, drinking water applications.

Two-Way Solenoid Valves

Two-way or 2-port solenoid valves are a very common type of valve found in many industrial processes. They are often used in stop-and-go control for air, water, and other gases and liquids. Solenoid valves can be found in any sort of operation that requires repetitive automated controlling of liquid or gas flow.


SMC Valves

A two-way solenoid valve works by electrically magnetizing a plunger that starts and stops the flow of the desired medium. Image used courtesy of SMC USA


Solenoid valves are generally categorized in one of two ways, either normally open or normally closed. Both types of valves utilize a plunger that blocks the flow of the valve when it's closed. A normally closed solenoid valve follows its namesake and is normally closed whenever it is not energized. However, whenever power reaches the solenoid, a magnetic field pulls the plunger open from its normally closed position allowing contents to flow. A normally open solenoid works in the opposite way, the valve is open whenever the coil is not energized. Most often, 2-port solenoid valves are engineered normally closed, so flow stops if the power goes out.


Going With the Flow: SMC’s 2-Port Solenoid Valves

SMC recently developed a new 2-Port solenoid valve for customers looking for stop-and-go flow control of potable water. Valves are NSF/ANSI 61 and IP67 rated safe for drinking water applications. Those specified with a DIN terminal carry an IP65 waterproof rating.

Available in three different sizes, the HF3-JSX10, HF3-JSX20, and the HF3-JSX30 feature 5 L/min, 15 L/min, and 25 L/min flow rates respectively. SMC also managed to improve the efficiency of the valves with a 14% reduction in power consumption, while increasing coil engagement force by 10%, thanks to optimal magnetic efficiency.

The valves can be powered in one of four ways:

  1. DIN terminal
  2. Grommet
  3. Conduit
  4. M12 connection

The stainless steel housing contains a valve volume that is 25% smaller than other comparable valves. In addition to a smaller valve volume, weight has been reduced by 30% over legacy models. SMC also reduced valve noise by incorporating a resin stopper into the design and the resin stopper provides the added benefit of increasing the valve’s service life.

The coil is designed to rotate 360° ensuring that the lead can exit in any direction, for easier lead wire connections. Armature durability has also been upgraded to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the valves.


Valve electrical connection styles

Several connection options are available for the new SMC valve series. Image used courtesy of SMC USA


Ready for Optimal Flow Control

SMC’s new valves can either be normally open or normally closed depending on the application. Aiming to introduce better-performing, quieter valves in a compact package, SMC’s HF3-JSX series of stainless steel 2-port valves offer end users robust, quiet valves ready for most all processing applications.