Emerson Introduces Latest Innovations Designed for Smooth Operation

November 30, 2023 by Seth Price

Emerson has released two new system components: a high-flow solenoid valve and a digital process controller. Both products are designed to keep processes running smoothly across different applications.

Emerson has designed two new control system components. First, a new high volumetric flow rate solenoid valve for fluid flow will reduce power consumption even at high flow rates. The second new component is a digital control module designed to replace sluggish, unreliable pneumatic controllers, speeding up and providing more accurate process control.


Emerson ASCO Series 327C solenoid valve

The ASCO Series 327C solenoid valve. Image used courtesy of Emerson


ASCO Series 327C Solenoid Valve

Emerson’s new ASCO Series 327C solenoid valve is geared toward power plants, chemical processing facilities, and refineries. It is designed to permit high volumetric flow rates with little power. The balanced poppet design reduces the current flow required to hold the valve open, which is a key advantage over other solenoid valves where high flow rates mean high power consumption.

This new valve can handle liquids or gasses and is certified to SIL 3, meaning it has an incredibly low failure rate. This low failure rate makes the solenoid valve suitable for mission-critical flow control systems in challenging environments, including extreme temperatures (-60 ℃ to 90 ℃).

Low failure rate valves, such as the ASCO Series 327C, are particularly desirable in the chemical process industry. When performing risk assessment for safety purposes, one of the important quantities in the calculation is the failure rate of components. An unreliable component requires redundant safety mechanisms, extra sensing capability, and other expensive hardware to reduce the risk of fault.


Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K digital process controller

The Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K digital process controller. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K Digital Process Controller

Emerson’s newest digital controller, the Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K, can be retrofitted with existing pneumatic systems to replace pneumatic controllers. It operates with standard 4-20 mA signals and can be used in closed-loop applications, where sensor feedback is used to alter the control system. Local control is menu-driven, with six buttons and an LCD screen as an interface. Remote operation is also possible with the DPC2K.

Compared to existing pneumatic systems, the DPC2K offers closed loop control with features such as configurable loop types and a scan and update rate of 50 ms. Control is performed with a PID controller, tightening the control loop. The process variable will not stray far from the setpoint between the increased sampling rate and the PID control. Furthermore, the DPC2K is less susceptible to mechanical damage than the constant motion of the pneumatic control systems. 

The result is a controller designed to be rapidly deployed, is less susceptible to damage, and can operate much more quickly and reliably than existing systems.


Emerson continues innovating with the introduction of the ASCO 327C solenoid valve and Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K digital process controller. Image used courtesy of Canva


Innovating Automation

Emerson continues to innovate, making products that keep control processes running smoothly. The ASCO 327C solenoid valve, with its low failure rate, helps improve plant safety and minimize unplanned downtime. Likewise, the DPC2K controller system will do the same by increasing the sampling rate, reducing the response time, and minimizing the wear on pneumatic systems.