Emerson Launches New Lumity Supervisory Control Platform

March 16, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Emerson recently announced the Lumity supervisory control platform designed for facilities needing advanced management of refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting systems.

Emerson’s Lumity product line is engineered to support the protection of food, commercial goods, and pharmaceuticals. In particular, the Lumity supervisory control platform targets refrigeration and facility management in foodservice and food retail facilities environments.


Lumity Supervisory Control Platform 

For facility operators, store managers, and service technicians, the Lumity supervisory control platform streamlines the management of their facility’s HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting systems with visual facility management along with robust control and top-down visibility of the various systems involved. 


lumity platform

The Emerson Lumity supervisory control platform manages HVAC, lighting systems, refrigeration units, and utility usage. Image used courtesy of Emerson


The Lumity control platform also allows users to fine-tune facility controls, optimize the performance of critical systems and performed extremely detailed analysis.

It supports HVAC control that includes indoor air quality alarms, remote unit reset, occupancy schedules, and heaty and cooling setpoints as well as refrigerant leak detection with alarms. In the context of refrigeration, it provides control strategies for condensers, suction groups, and anti-condensate heater controllers.

Lighting management supports energy-savings and optimized control over all aspects of lighting, including exterior signage and parking lots. This supervisory control platform also provides utility monitoring that supports demand-response strategies for optimizing usage, including water, gas, and energy.  


Key Components

The foundation of the Lumity supervisory control platform is smart software with a user-friendly, intuitive interface that is web-accessible. The Lumity supervisory control platform includes two different control device options: the Site Supervisor (SS) which comes with an optional mounted display in various sizes and the E3 control that features an integrated touch-screen display and is a drop-in replacement for the E2. 

Note that both of these controller options are fully backward compatible with MultiFlex and I/O Net devices. In addition, the Lumity supervisory control platform can aggregate multiple systems controls, serve as a building management system, or work as a stand-alone controller for refrigeration. 


One of the options with the Lumity supervisory control platform is the E3 controller, which adds a built-in touch-screen display to an E2 controller foundation. Image used courtesy of Emerson


This supervisory control platform is also very secure and can be managed on your network, through the Emerson cloud, or even locally-- and is designed to be accessed and operated on mobile devices.


Lumity Supervisory Control Platform Features

According to Emerson, the Lumity supervisory control platform provides an abundance of visual and graphical data for monitoring system status and performance which allows management to recognize issues quickly and respond immediately. Advanced and custom control algorithms can be configured easily with an intuitive interface wizard. In addition, this platform simplifies the startup and management of HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting systems and associated inventory by offering a centralized location for access, tracking, and configuration.

The Emerson Lumity supervisory control platform has extensive applications outside of facilities related to food, including pharmaceutical facilities and pharmacies where certain medications and vaccines (such as the COVID-19 vaccines) must be kept not only at highly regulated temperatures and humidity levels. Note that it can also be integrated with Emerson’s ProAct Connect+ enterprise management software for even more functionality.