Emerson’s New Pressure Control Valves Redefine Pneumatic Precision

May 21, 2024 by Bob Odhiambo

Emerson has launched a new series of AVENTICS high-precision pressure control valves for enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy in manufacturing systems dependent on pneumatic power.

Industrial and factory automation leader Emerson has recently announced the launch of the latest innovative series of pneumatic control valves, which offer excellent control precision and easy access to monitoring, quick setup, and direct PC control with the included data acquisition software.


Series 625 Valves

Adding to an existing portfolio of products ranging across valves, actuators, and control devices, Emerson’s new AVENTICS Series 625 Sentronic proportional pressure control valves and data acquisition software set a high benchmark for accuracy and quality in manufacturing systems that rely on careful delivery of air supply.


Emerson AVENTICS new control valve

The new AVENTICS Series 625 Sentronic valves and software offer efficient operation directly from the PC. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Key Features and Capabilities

In complex pneumatic engineering control, high precision is a main factor often considered. The new Series 625 Sentronic valves by Emerson not only deliver accuracy, with a less than 0.5% control deviation but also offer flexibility in electronic proportional pressure control. Additionally, the new valve series comes with DaS software that allows direct monitoring, fast startup, and control of the valve on the PC directly.

Inputs from external sensors can be paired with the embedded cascade control function to provide more complex control loops or for use in applications that require high levels of accuracy. With the expanded precision range of monitoring and diagnostics functions, data from ethernet communications, input pressures, commanded pressures, and internal temperature can be easily acquired using the DaS software.

Available in four connector sizes, ranging from 1/8” to 1”, the Series 625 valves support an extensive range of flow rates, from 55 to 5,600 liters per minute. The new electronic proportional pressure control valve has a 3-way 3/2 valve configuration and is capable of handling a wide pressure range from vacuum up to 50 bar (725 psi), making it suitable for a wide spectrum of pressure environments. The new valve series comes with connector options of M12 8-pin, M16 7-pin, or M12 5-pin for easy wiring.

When it comes to housing, Emerson's new pressure control valves come in housing variants of aluminum, stainless steel, or brass and fluoroelastomer (FKM) or nitrile (NBR) sealing material options. The CE, UKCA, and RoHS compliance and regulatory standards give the new Series 625 Sentronic valves a place in the European market and compliance with hazardous substance restrictions.


Applications and Benefits

According to Nicolas Jacquet, Director of Product Management for the discrete automation business at Emerson, the Series 625 valves are designed for precision control of flow rate, pressure, power, distance, angular positions, and speed. This provides the valves with excellent qualities for application in high-precision equipment, like laser eye surgery and flame cutting, where control and accuracy are critical.

As pressure control technology keeps improving, engineers dealing with high-precision automation seek solutions that reduce manufacturing stages and development durations. Solutions like Emerson's Series 625 Sentronic valves and the included acquisition software come with features that prove to be a go-to choice for engineers who prioritize reliability, accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency in their electronic proportional pressure control applications.