Emerson’s Edge Platform Delivers Scalability and Open-Source Connectivity

June 02, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Emerson releases its PACEdge industrial edge platform and PACSystems RXi2-BP edge computer to digitally enhance manufacturing data processing.

Emerson Electric Co. is an American multinational corporation that provides electronic equipment, software systems, and services to its customers in residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Recently, the company announced the launch of its PACEdge industrial edge platform


Video used courtesy of Emerson


The platform helps to minimize industrial data by collecting smaller chunks of data from machinery using sensors located nearby. This helps operators, maintenance teams, plant leadership, and supervisors to analyze high-fidelity data in real-time. 

Emerson also released its new compact industrial PC, the PACSystems RXi2-BP edge computer. The computer works with the PACEdge platform to help improve the real-time control of operations and plant-wide systems integration. 


The PACEdge Platform

Emerson’s new IIoT (industrial internet of things) platform has been designed to make the dissemination of manufacturing data more manageable and efficient. It works alongside an advanced edge computing device to provide edge analytics to Emerson customers. 

Data are pooled using open industrial protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, PROFINET, MODBUS TCP, and more. The edge computing device can connect with PLC field devices, and OT and IT systems for analytics and data contextualization. 


Using Edge computing can help connect machines and control systems. Image used courtesy of Emerson


In a recent news release, Emerson noted how its PACEdge platform “provides a complete solution that enables manufacturers to start right at the machine with the connectivity and flexibility needed to scale up as they progress on their digital transformation journeys.”

The PACEdge platform offers users drag-and-drop capabilities, embedded web interfaces, and visualizations to help them create applications and customized dashboards. This helps to visualize operational data concerning the functional status of equipment and other data collected by nearby sensors. 

When used with Emerson’s PACSystems Edge Controller, the platform brings together deterministic real-time control, simultaneous data processing for analytics, and advanced process optimization. Logic and PACEdge applications can exist through the same controller. The virtualization of a multicore central processing unit (CPU) allows completely independent applications to be run on one piece of hardware. Operators can run analytics and make decisions faster without disrupting machine control. 


The RXi2-BP Edge Computer

The RXi2-BP edge computer can run historian, analytics applications, and use a human-machine interface (HMI) to enhance ease-of-usability. The computer can run at an operating temperature between 0 oC to 60 oC and uses patented cooling technology that supports operations without compromising the performance of the CPU. 

It also features dual or quad-core processor technology and shock-resistant components. This can provide users with resilient, high-powered processing when faced with harsh and demanding industrial environments. 


The RXi2-BP edge computer. Image used courtesy of Emerson 


Both the PACEdge platform and RXi2-BP edge computer can aid manufacturers on their digital transformation journey by making data accessible and manageable, and allowing assets to be monitored and maintained. Through faster data transfer and scalability, manufacturers can enhance productivity.