Emerson’s Recent Monitoring System Aims to Track Multiple Industrial Emissions

September 18, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

On top of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide, Emerson’s CEMS also monitors carbon dioxide and oxygen emissions.

Emerson released a unique emission monitoring system for monitoring stationary source emissions in a manufacturing environment. The government is cracking down on companies polluting the environment through industrial waste gasses. 


Sustainability and emissions monitoring can help salvage our ecosystem. Image used courtesy of Noah Buscher


Emerson, who manufacturers sensors for all different industries, developed an all-in-one emission monitoring and reporting system. The system is built and certified to the European standards EN14181 and EN15267, and complies with the US EPA standard for emission reporting. 


XE10 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System Features 

The Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) is a compact standalone device used to measure and report emissions. It is designed to assist factories in understanding the emissions produced from their production. The system comes complete with gas sampling, gas conditioning, and a gas analyzer. Gas measuring takes place continuously, with data displayed and recorded in real-time.


The XE10 CEMS by Emerson. Image used courtesy of Emerson


The web-based interface allows for easy display of real-time data, which provides maintenance personnel or operators the information they need to make environmental compliance decisions on the fly. The system also uses an internal automated calibration system, providing regulators confidence that the system is reporting accurate data. 

The XE10 can analyze up to three different gases at once, with multiple ranges. This saves the factory money and space, as they will not need to purchase multiple gas analyzers for their emissions needs. Emerson is standing behind its product by offering an integrated service approach. This service approach includes end-to-end support, start-up and commissioning, installation in accordance with regulatory standards, and support during mandated annual testing. 


Gas Analyzer 

The internal gas analyzer comes equipped with a heated gas probe, which is temperature-controlled to 180°C, along with a heated gas line, also temperature-controlled to 180°C. The system has a built-in low-temperature interlock to avoid condensation in the gas line or on the probe. The gas analyzer filters the gas through a 2 um filter to prevent contaminants from entering the sensor. An internal pump with a bypass is included, along with a needle valve to control the sample gas flow into the analyzer. 


Gases are often released into the atmosphere by manufacturing plants.


Types of Gas

The XE10 CEMS can measure five different types of gasses, three of which can be analyzed at one time with optional analyzers installed. The EPA and the World Health Organization (WHO) have listed three classic types of industrial pollutants: sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. These popular pollutants, along with carbon dioxide and oxygen, can be monitored with the XE10 at ranges of 0-150 mg/m3 all the way up to 2500 mg/m3; CO2 and O2 are measured in percentages up to 25%. 


Emissions on the Rise

With governments increasing requirements for industrial gas emissions to be reduced, manufacturers have to install and maintain emission monitoring systems. These systems can be very complex and require constant recalibration. The system will be under annual investigation to ensure accurate recording and monitoring. Emerson’s EX10 considers these conditions and provides a turn-key system that allows maintenance personnel and operators to take a proactive approach to industrial emission control.