EPLAN Combines Automation and Mechatronic Engineering Software with Revere’s Distribution Products

May 26, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

EPLAN and Revere endeavor to provide customers with world-leading technologies and solutions with cutting-edge digitization.

Within this partnership, EPLAN endeavors to supply Revere with tools and software so that they can provide a helping hand to supply their customers with innovative digital solutions. In return,  EPLAN will provide revere with its expertise in streamlining challenging engineering processes. 


What is EPLAN's Software?

EPLAN Software & Services operates on a worldwide scale, providing its international customers with the latest software and service solutions in the areas of electrical, automation, and mechatronics engineering. The company is an industry leader in designing effective software solutions for manufacturers building machines and panels. Recently, EPLAN announced its strategic partnership with Revere Electric Supply Co, industrial automation and electrical construction distributor.


EPLAN's data portal and eVIEW. Image used courtesy of EPLAN


The organization is comprised of four primary groups including Revere Electric Supply, Holt Electric, Complete Industrial, and BJ Electric Supply. The partnership between the two companies was founded on the combined goal of providing customers with the very best of cutting-edge technologies and solutions to advance the development of the next generation of transformative automation solutions and services.


EPLAN ERP/PDM Integration Suite

One solution that EPLAN can offer Revere is its Enterprize Resource Planning/Product Data Management (ERP/PDM) Integration Suite. EPLAN’s Suite is a useful tool that provides transparency in the product development process and allows interdisciplinary corporations through the continuous flow of data.

Existing ERP, PDM, and product lifecycle management (PLM) system landscapes can be easily and efficiently integrated. Users can continue to develop their project within the work environment of the EPLAN Platform while data is exchanged bidirectionally with speed and efficiency. 


EPLAN Electric P8

Another software tool offered by EPLAN is its Electric P8. This solution provides users with automated production of comprehensive reports generated using wiring diagrams and details the phases of project development, including production, assembly, commissioning, and maintenance. Interfaces with the computer-aided engineering (CAE) software allows engineering data to be exchanged from other project areas.

Other features of the Electric P8 include variant engineering with graphical variants in partial circuits and global standard support of IEC, the Russian GOST standard, NFPA, and the Chinese GB standard with appropriate master data and sample projects.

An additional highlight of EPLAN’s innovative solutions is its Harness proD. This is a modern 3D software system that enables seamless design and documentation of cable harnesses. Wiring lists from the EPLAN platform can be imported, cables can be routed and documentation and 2D nail board drawings can be generated.

Mechanical designs and data can be pulled together to create cable harnesses without the need for a mechanical prototype. This is beneficial for users who wish to reduce development time, increase productivity, and improve product quality. 
To review EPLAN’s other process-orientated engineering solutions you can visit their solutions page.

With EPLAN’s engineering expertise and Revere’s broad product portfolio, electrical, automation, and mechatronics communities are likely to see a revolution in transformative automation solutions and services.