FANUC Debuts New Compact Robot for Machine Tending and Warehouse Automation

November 18, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

Learn about FANUC’s latest LR-10iA/10 robot and how it could help engineers with machine tending applications.


FANUC America Corporation is part of of FANUC Corporation in Japan. The company manufactures robots, CNC components, and ROBOMACHINE solutions for various companies in many industries, including the industrial sector. FANUC’s most recent addition is their new compact LR-10iA/10 robot


Compact LR-10iA/10 Robot

The robot is designed for machine tending and warehousing/logistics applications. The need for a robot capable of efficient machine tending has risen in warehouse and logistics markets. FANUC plans to sell most of its new robotic line in this specific market. 


FANUC's new LR-10iA/10. Image used courtesy of FANUC


The robot offers flexibility with its new mounting options. The compact LR-10iA/10 can be mounted horizontally, on the floor, vertically, or upside down. The robot can work within a broader range of applications with flexible mounting options, helping manufacturers fit the robot into workplace applications more efficiently. 

Engineers and users can also mount the robot to an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to add flexibility in different areas of the plant, based on need or throughput. 

“The new LR-10iA/10 is a great solution to help manufacturers and distribution centers overcome obstacles associated with labor shortages, while improving throughput and reducing operating costs,” said Eric Potter, general manager of FANUC America’s General Industries and Automotive Segment. 



The LR-10iA/10 is a compact six-axis robot designed for small machine tending applications and warehouse pick-and-place automation. It is suited for production lines and warehouses with limited space because of the arms size and ability to fit into tight spaces. It weighs only 42 kgs, making it a lightweight solution, depending on the application. 


A FANUC robot working on machine tending. Image used courtesy of FANUC


The LR-10iA/10 can also work in an enclosed structure with built-in air lines and valves, making it a quick integration into most machine tending applications. It comes with an IP67 rating making it possible to work in dusty, dirty environments that include oil misting.

  • The LR-10iA/10 includes the following specifications:
  • A more smooth surface equipped with internal valves, solenoid valves, built-in user airlines, and various I/O signals
  • A compact housing for easier installation – even on robots such as AGVs
  • Stronger wrist with high payload and inertia
  • A 10kg payload with full working envelope to handle 13kg with a restricted envelope
  • Standard IP67 rating


FANUC is hopeful that the new LR-10iA/10 will help manufacturers and engineers with their warehouse and building automation needs. Do yu use robots like this in your facility?