HARTING Increases Commitment to ODVA and Ethernet/IP to Become ODVA’s Newest Principal Member

November 21, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

HARTING recently became a principal member of ODVA alongside other leading industrial tech companies.

ODVA is an organization that focuses on international standards in the industrial automation industry. The companies announced the partnership between Harting and ODVA in November of 2020. 

This partnership aims to help advance device communications and connectivity through Ethernet/IP and other new-generation network solutions. 


Connecting Industry

Over the years, Harting has worked with ODVA and some of its other partners in advancing industrial automation standards. Harting supplies heavy-duty connectors, interfaces/ board connectors, and cable solutions for industrial processes. 


HARTING’s Har-Port service that interfaces for Ethernet/IP capabilities. Image courtesy of HARTING.


Multiple industries benefit from these products, including the machinery/robotics industry, the automation industry, the transportation industry, and the power generation/ distribution industry. Harting offers different types of connector solutions and developed an industrial single pair Ethernet connector called the T1. 

The industry is continually changing and evolving, including Industrial Ethernet capabilities. Now that these capabilities do more through a network, ODVA’s company partnerships are accelerating these capabilities. Today, most of our industrial processes are data-driven so having advanced network infrastructure is an absolute necessity. 

“Ethernet/IP is a critical communication network for the future of discrete and process industries, especially with the advent of Industrial Single Pair Ethernet and Ethernet-APL,” stated Jon DeSouza, President and CEO of HARTING Americas. “HARTING is looking forward to continuing to provide enhanced smart connectivity solutions for Ethernet/IP networks to drive faster decision making and error correction as well as prevention.” 

HARTING also mentioned they aim to increase their advancements in this technology by joining ODVA. 


Industry Leaders and ODVA's Capabilities

With ODVA’s partners, Harting, Cisco Systems, Endress +Hauser, Honeywell, Omron, Rockwell Automation, and Schneider Electric, the industry will start to see changes in IIoT and network connectivity.


OVDA's logo. Image courtesy of ODVA.


ODVA helps manufacturers implement plant wide-network infrastructures for discrete, process, motion, safety, and security applications with secure access utilizing CIP and Ethernet/IP capabilities according to ODVA.  



ODVA is excited to formally announce their solidified partnership with Harting in their Quarter 4 media briefing for this year. The briefing will explain the reasons and a complete overview of the new partnership.

This will be in time for the SPS Connect Conference, which will be a meeting for new digital industry attributes. Top industrial companies under this organization will bring forth a sound and sure development into new industrial standards. 

The industry may start to see an increase in IIoT jobs due to these types of efforts. The integration of automation and digital solutions promises to ensure the longevity of industries, increase efficiency, reduce risk, reduce emissions, and overall improve the quality of automation solutions.