iBASEt Addresses Big Data Challenges with Latest Data Management Platforms

June 15, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

Big data is getting even bigger. Learn how this company is creating platforms to keep up with this data as it becomes an essential part of the manufacturing process.

An Overview of iBASEt

iBASEt is a company based in Southern California that offers software solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The company was founded in 1986 to provide software solutions and implementation services for the defense and aerospace industries. 


iBASEt has started developing Industry 4.0 technology for complex discrete manufacturing companies.


iBASEt centers its innovation around the importance of open APIs to help with data sharing, collaboration, and process integration for customers looking to become a digital enterprise. Data has become an essential part of the manufacturing process. iBASEt is aiming to create an environment where data can be responsibly shared, secured, and governed.

"There's a lot of inherent waste when manufacturing million and billion-dollar facilities and products." said Naveen Poonian, President and CEO of iBASEt. 

Poonian elaborated by mentioning,"...our ability to handle the data is going to be key."


iBASEt's Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Data silos can pose a major setback in the efficiency of company operations. iBASEt focuses on managing data within wide silos. Silos often occur when operations span across multiple plants, areas, or even countries. 

Engineering change, version control, and a lack of real-time visibility can lag in operations and business efficiency. Manufacturing execution systems are another tool often used to improve efficiency. iBASEt created an MES to help alleviate problems stemming from data lag and information silos.  


A team at iBASEt working with their MES. Image used courtesy of iBASEt


It offers production process libraries and full device support to accelerate time-to-value. 

Enterprise Quality Management (EQMS) is a part of iBASEt solutions to help the company with compliance standards. With a cloud-based backbone, an MES can offer integration into plant processes for product development, supply chain management systems, and engineering. The system also aids vertical and horizontal scalability. 


The iSeries Solution

The new Solumina iSeries is a platform for industrial manufactures that uses pre-configured microservices. The company designed this system as a platform that may simplify how complex manufacturing operations are implemented. 


A team at iBASEt working with the new Series SDK. Image used courtesy of iBASEt


The iSeries uses new technologies to promote and create performance and efficiency on a company-wide basis. The system uses cloud-based sharing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to drive better connectivity. The iSeries Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a new feature available with iSeries that creates Application Programming Interfaces or (APIs) and helps to expand the digital ecosystem. 


Addressing Big Data Challenges

iBASEt claims they are continuing to look for new ways to solve problems in the manufacturing industry. It's essential to understand the impact that successful knowledge sharing can have on companies. 

Supporting integration and keeping compliance with modern industry standards is also a cornerstone in a company's march forward.

"Big data is going to get that much bigger, and it's going to create more insight. Some industries are already doing this with predictive analytics and AI." Poonian mentioned.  

"We should all be working off the same data, rather than different aspects of data." 

iBASEt will continue to explore new technology and create new avenues for companies to share and link data. With large corporations spanning across the globe, information and data sharing are critical components of any manufacturing company's success.