Jacobs’ Partnership with ehsAI Aims to Streamline Data Processing

December 31, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

Jacobs partners its natural language processing (NLP) with ehsAI’s AI to enhance digital compliance, improve data literacy, and quicken cloud capabilities.

Today, industries have far more standards and regulations, improving quality and safety. Procedures, permits, standards, regulations, and other semantics often require thousands of documents. 


Jacobs aims to streamline and collect information much faster thanks to artificial intelligence capabilities. Image courtesy of Jacobs


Jacobs’ integration reduces compliance costs and risks for government, industrial, and commercial entities. Jacobs partnered with ehsAI, a woman-led technology business specializing in machine learning and seeks to disrupt the world of technology with their advancements.


Enhanced Digital Compliance

Jacobs will utilize NLP through artificial intelligence to process and convert documents 100 times faster than previous methods or solutions. This processes data with better consistency and accuracy than manual data processing. 


Jacobs aims to transform digital management solutions. Image courtesy of Jacobs


This service plans to reduce corporate environmental risks as well as eliminate more financial penalties. Ergo, the service helps interpret documents more clearly and helps companies achieve sustainability and keep up with tasks. 

Jacobs is working directly with clients to help enhance current document processing methods through automation. Partnering with ehsAI will give Jacobs a better chance to understand the demands and constraints while ehsAI delivers the results.


ehsAI Explainer Video. Video courtesy of Moore and Gasperecz on Vimeo.


Lucas Wolfenden, Jacobs’ Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Information Management (IM) Sales Leader, states, “Combining our global EHS IM experience and software vendor partnerships with ehsAI’s advanced technology creates and delivers a powerful and cost-effective total compliance solution.”

This solution will support clients in the chemical, energy, manufacturing, technology, life science/pharmaceutical, and transportation sectors, along with nuclear remediation, utilities, and government sectors. 

Improved Data Literacy

ehsAI’s patent-pending AI solution can identify specific requirements or obligations shown within a document. This solution sets out to eliminate the fatigue and errors humans endure while completing the same tasks. The AI solution can complete these tasks within minutes and overall better streamline the process. 

Jacobs’ NLP solution will bring forth better communication of data between and within companies. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of companies at work, especially in current events. The NLP’s integration with the AI solution can help with regulations such as the latest Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fewer mistakes will arise on documentation, and companies won't have to rely on storing physical documents in filing cabinets. Data literacy wouldn't be here without digital literacy first. 


Quicker Cloud Capabilities 

We rely on cloud services because they save space, time and become a more efficient and sustainable method for storing information. By this means, individuals can access documents anywhere as long as they can access the database or cloud. 

Enabling the automation of human linguistics reduces the reliance on finding trained professionals to go through documents with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the text is deciphered and cohesive. 

In industry, communication is always key, and ensuring data and information are transmitted correctly is worth the savings that NPL AI solutions can render. With this development and partnership between ehsAI and Jacobs, the processed data may eventually be used to better our lives and the way we conduct business.