Johnson Controls and DigiCert Partner to Bring Secure Connectivity to Smart Building Solutions

June 03, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Johnson Controls and DigiCert partner to improve security and push forward the digital transformation of smart buildings with a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Johnson Controls is a global provider of electronics and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The company offers a range of products and solutions including batteries, fire detection, energy management, building control systems, integrated facility management services, security, building automation, and more. Recently, Johnson partnered with an American technology company, DigiCert, to leverage its expertise in digital security and enhance its OpenBlue digital solutions suite.

DigiCert ONE

DigiCert ONE is a modern public key infrastructure (PKI) solution created to help customers manage security more efficiently and optimize encryption, integrity, and code signing. The DigiCert ONE platform is built on a containerized architecture and can protect web, apps, networks, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. 


A representation of DigiCert ONE. Image used courtesy of DigiCert


Customers can obtain and manage digital certificates for device authentication and identity, and data encryption for desired components. Customers can oversee the issuing of certificates, installation, inspection, remediation, and renewal.

Manufacturers can use DigiCert ONE to certify and manage devices without the need to change manufacturing processes. The platform also provides a way of securing data and systems, which can include emails, documents, smart cards, networks, and end-users while remaining up-to-date with the latest PKI industry standards and audit requirements. 

Code signing key protection is provided to maintain the integrity of code, files, apps, and more. This can speed up time to market by preventing operating systems and browsers from flagging customer codes as suspicious.



OpenBlue is a digital solutions suite that provides tailored services, enhanced security, data transformation, facility management through greater visibility of operations, and sustainability through the improvement of facility efficiency. 

The OpenBlue platform offers customers digital twin technology to use for creating a virtual copy of building assets, processes, devices, people, systems, and places. This can provide a way of monitoring the energy consumption of a facility, and provide a way of keeping an eye on assets and devices that need maintenance or software updates. 


Aspects of OpenBlue. Image used courtesy of Johnson Controls


With AI (artificial intelligence) and workflow engines, Johnson’s OpenBlue Secure provides a way of digitizing and tracking SOP (standard operating procedure) tasks, so that SOC (security operations teams) can take action. The automated cloud-based OpenBlue Secure system allows SOC teams to collaborate in one centralized space and respond more efficiently.


The Partnership

Through the partnership, Johnson will benefit from DigiCert’s expertise by using its PKI solution to build trust with its customers. Smart building hardware, software, and communications can remain secure—and with Johnson’s OpenBlue, they will be able to be well managed.

Johnson Controls hopes the partnership will mitigate costly operational interruptions from cybersecurity attacks and provide resilient, trusted smart building solutions using DigiCert’s PKI. Johnson Controls’ expertise in healthy, secure smart buildings, combined with DigiCert ONE’s IoT Device Manager aims to provide a complete lifecycle management solution.

Featured image courtesy of Johnson Controls