Recycling Robots: Kivnon Launches Exchange Program for New Warehouse Robots in Return for Old Models

July 09, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Kivnon announces the opportunity for customers to hand over old AVGs/AMRs of any brand for a new model with a substantial discount.

Kivnon specializes in the automation of industrial processes and the design, development, and production of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and systems for hauling and transportation of goods.

Kivnon focuses on the optimization of conventional production lines and internal logistics by providing sophisticated AVGs that are highly intuitive and are designed to work seamlessly alongside users. Recently, the company introduced a “swappage scheme” for its warehouse robots.


The AGV/AMR exchange program from Kivnon. Image courtesy of Kivnon. 


Kivnon’s advanced mobile vehicle technology includes a product portfolio of bots that are capable of shifting loads of up to 6,000kg using magnetic navigation and mapping technologies. These modes of environmental perception allow the bots to adapt quickly to any industrial environment and production process, all the while maintaining safe operating standards when working alongside human coworkers. 

The company’s name, “Kivnon” was created with reference to the Greek word for “movement”.  They created the first bi-directional AVGs for the pharmaceutical industry. Kivnon’s network of customers includes Ford Almussafes in Spain, Johnson Controls, Renault, and Nissan.

Spain-based Kivnon Logistics S.L. in Barcelona was the first to sieve the opportunity for the regeneration of their robot fleets. The update of their bots will ensure advancements in technology as the automotive industry moves forwards towards Industry 4.0. 


The Swappage Scheme

The scheme encourages individuals to take their old AVGs or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) of any brand and swap them in for a new AVG with a 40% discount. This offer will be made available to customers until 31st December 2020. This initiative is being promoted by Kivnon in order to prime customers for their transition into Industry 4.0. the company also wishes to renew interest in self-guided vehicles and drive forward their acquisition. 

Kivnon provides its customers with an expert technical support service to accommodate the necessary knowledge and training for AVG use. For more information regarding the swappage scheme, you can visit Kivnon’s site.


K41 Slim

One of Kivnon’s new AVG innovations that customers could get their hands on is in the form of the K41 Slim. It is an extremely flexible AVG with a height lower than 210mm and features a 1000kg lifting capacity along with an omnidirectional movement.


The K41 SLIM AGV. Image courtesy of Kivnon. 


Using SLAM technology and named mapping, the AVG can build a comprehensive map of its surrounding in real-time, whilst using it to verify its own location. These features enable the K41 Slim to operate in a variety of environments and trollies.