MakinaRocks and Hyundai Robotics Sign MOU for Defect Detection Development in AI-Based Industrial Robot Arms

January 18, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Hyundai Robotics and MakinaRocks enter into a collaboration to create an AI-based self-managing defect detection system using machine learning expertise.

MakinaRocks is a global AI software start-up specializing in industrial machine intelligence by focusing on anomaly detection and intelligent control technology. The company utilizes data and machine intelligence to generate machine learning (ML) solutions. 


Hyundai Robotics and MakinaRocks Partner

ML solution predictions can improve efficiency for manufacturing and energy industries. 


Yoon Dae-gyu (of Hyundai Robotics) and Yoon Seong-ho (of MakinaRocks) shaking on the company partnership

Yoon Dae-gyu (of Hyundai Robotics) and Yoon Seong-ho (of MakinaRocks) shaking on the company partnership. Image courtesy of MakinaRocks.


In addition to partnering with Samsung Engineering to push forward more efficient manufacturing, Hyundai Robotics also signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with MakinaRocks to “advance the defect detection in AI-based industrial robot arms.”


An AI-Based Analysis Platform

Managing Director of the Robot Research Institute of Hyundai Robotics, Yoon Dae-gyu and Yoon Seong-ho Co-CEO of MakinaRocks, were present at the ceremony. The two companies will collaborate to enhance robot-based defect detection in defined areas, including:

  • The identification of abnormally operating robots 
  • Specialized defect detection for individual robots
  • Failure prediction through robot monitoring
  • Model updates using deep learning to better accommodate task changes and repairs


MakinaRocks ML-based anomaly detection

MakinaRocks ML-based anomaly detection (suite) utilizes a novelty detection model specific to an application such as a robot arm. Image courtesy of MakinaRocks.


In addition to these areas of advancement, both Hyundai Robotics and MakinaRocks will endeavor to develop and commercialize a substantive amount of technology. The technology will incorporate Hyundai Robotics’ cutting-edge HRMS (Hyundai Robotics Robot Monitoring System).


Productivity and Protection

The utilization of robotic technology monitored efficiently for defect detection via MakinaRock’s specialized platform is likely to increase machine availability, reduce downtimes through effective identification of machine functionality, and ultimately enhance production. 

Seong-ho provided his comments in a news release from Hyundai Robotics: “AI is revolutionizing the production environment by solving complex manufacturing issues and improving productivity and utilization rates, and demands and expectations for technology are on the rise.” 

During the coronavirus pandemic, it has been imperative for all nations to adhere strictly to rules and guidelines concerning social distancing to minimize virus transmission. With the aid of robots that can mobilize and maintain themselves, employees can work safer within manufacturing facilities. 

In the same news release, Dae-gyu provided his comments, “An AI-based analysis platform for intelligent robots is essential. Furthermore, these days, when being ‘non-contact’ has become the new normal due to COVID-19, automatic solutions using AI are being recognized in various areas.” 

Not only will the collaboration between Hyundai Robotics and MakinaRocks push forward AI-enabled robots that can maintain themselves and help improve the efficiency of industrial operations, but they will also provide a level of safety. 

Looking toward the future, MakinaRock hopes the MLOps (ML Operations) aspect of the collaboration will contribute to creating new value in the industrial robot market by creating new AI applications.