New Barometric Pressure Sensor From Bosch Designed to Streamline Liquid Sensing Operations

March 24, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Bosch recently released the BMP384, their latest pressure sensor designed for harsh and rugged industrial environments.

Pressure Sensors in Industrial Environments

Pressure sensors convert the pressure of a gas or liquid into an electrical signal allowing electronic systems to record pressure.

These devices are increasingly important in industrial applications and are used for many applications, including the detection of gas leaks, sealant failures, correct operation of machinery, and generic environmental monitoring. Pressure sensors must be designed and used very carefully in harsh industrial environments. 


Bosch Releases the BMP384

Recognizing the need for rugged pressure sensors, Bosch developed the BMP384 for harsh industrial environments. The new sensor is a pressure sensor that integrates an internal gel layer that allows it to operate in liquid environments, including water and chemical. The new sensor has an operation range of 300 to 1250 hPa, operates on a 3.3V supply, an I2C interface at 3.4MHz, and SPI up to 10MHz.


Video used courtesy of Bosch Sensortec


The absolute accuracy of the BMP384 is ± 50 Pa, and the relative accuracy is ± 9 Pa. The relative accuracy also means that the sensor can determine altitude changes with an approximate accuracy of ± 0.75m. The sensor's noise is 0.03Pa, the temperature coefficient of the sensor is 1 Pa per kelvin, and the physical size of the sensor is 2 x 2 x 1 mm3 housed in a metal lid LGA.


The BMP384 Added to Bosch's Longevity Program

Bosch Sensortec added the BMP384 to their Longevity Program. This program promises the BMP384 support for at least ten years, giving engineers assurance that should the sensor require replacement, they will always be able to.


bosch sensor

The new pressure sensor. Image used courtesy of Bosch


Bosch launched this program back in the summer of 2020. Their goal with this program was to expand their existing product portfolio and launch into additional industrial components such as sensors and measurement devices. 


The BMP384 pressure sensor used in an industrial facility. Image used courtesy of Bosch


The current products involved in the Longevity Program are the following:

  • BMI090L Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • BMA490L accelerometer
  • BMP390L barometric pressure sensor
  • BMP384 pressure sensor
  • The program may offer to replace broken or faulty sensors and offer to change the control technology or process within the facility. Each product in the Longevity program is marked with an "l" so users know it's part of the program. 

Bosch's new sensor aims to help engineers and technicians measure pressure in harsh environments. These sensors are available to the general public now and can be used in various harsh environments.