New Servo Motors Designed to Withstand Severe Temperature Ranges

July 28, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Teknic’s entire range of motors is now certified to operate at extremely low and high temperatures.

Learn about Teknic's new servo motors and how engineers can potentially use these motors in a wide range of harsh environments.


Teknic's Line of Servo Motors

Teknic is an engineering company that manufactures advanced motor systems, including servo control and other related products. The company also provides technical support to OEMs. Teknic offers a three-year warranty on all products and a 3-month period for returns on motors regardless of their use or damage.

While their original motor design has been internally updated as a result of component obsolescence, the updated versions of their older products are still drop-in replacements. This may provide customers flexibility in case they wish to continue using these products for decades.


New Lower and Upper Temperature Limits for All Motors

Teknic produces a wide range of motors, including the ClearPath integrated servo motors and the Hudson brushless servo motors. Recently, Teknic announced that their motors can operate in an extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.


The ClearPath integrated servo motors. Image used courtesy of Teknic


All motors use a brushless design which removes the wearing from mechanical brushes in the commutator. The motors can also use oversized and permanently lubricated branded bearings. This means that the motors are far stronger than they ever need to be and can continue to operate continuously while remaining lubricated. 

The ClearPath and Hudson motor families are different with regards to their control and power. The ClearPath range of motors is designed to simplify motors' integration by combining the motor, encoder, and electronic interface to create an entirely self-contained servo. This servo also includes a digital interface for sending commands and reading responses. 


The Hudson range of motors. Image used courtesy of Teknic


The Hudson range of motors doesn't integrate servo controls or interface electronics, just like the physical motor. However, the Hudson range still offers a design that is over-engineered to ensure reliability while providing rugged motor connectors.


Extended Operating Temperatures in Industrial Environments

There are various scenarios where an engineer could use these motors. For example, there are many industrial plants and facilities in high desert areas across the world. These high desert environments experience extreme heat in the summer and severe cold temperatures in the winter. 


A look inside the new motors. Image used courtesy of Teknic


The ClearPath range of motors is designed to integrate all needed parts for a fully functioning servo platform. This is specifically useful for applications requiring a closed-loop system. This could include timing systems, conveyor belts, CNC machines, 3D printers, robotic arms, and gantries. 

Combining these capabilities with the extended temperature range can also lead to using ClearPath motors in industrial environments with no environmental controls for use with staff (i.e., entire automated plants).