Omron Releases K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor with Continuous Thermal Monitoring

March 06, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Omron Automation released a new thermal condition monitor equipped with new software and enhanced security.

The new K6PM is designed to provide continuous thermal monitoring of critical components while also minimizing downtime provoked by device failures.

Omron said the new component is ultimately designed to help facilities reach the ideal goal of zero downtime.


Monitoring Thermal Conditions in Industrial Automation

As automation takes over many roles once reserved to people, so increases the number of parts required to keep facilities running smoothly.

This translates into a consequent higher risk of downtime due to unforeseen accidents, many of which connected to overheating and insulator breakdown.

To tackle these issues, it is important for automation solutions providers to deploy thermal condition monitors that can foresee eventual overheating and breakdown of devices, ultimately saving companies both time and financial resources.

Omron Automation’s K6PM is designed exactly to fulfill this purpose. With continuous monitoring capabilities, the K6PM can detect abnormalities related to overload, vibration, condensation, or other causes.

It also has automated data collection, which is then displayed in an intuitive way to be understood by non-technical personnel, and a panel showing the necessary information without the need to open the door.


Built With New Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool and Enhanced Security

In terms of specifications, the K6PM has 3 Transistor outputs (NC), 24VDC rated voltage and a max current of 50mA DC. It also features a thermal imaging camera using an infrared sensor able to detect temperatures between 32 and 392°F (0 and 200°C).


omron new thermal conditioning monitor

Thermal Imaging Camera & Controller with EtherNet/IP Communications. Image used courtesy of Omron


The new thermal condition monitor by Omron comes with a DIN rail mount controller with a built-in temperature display featuring a wide viewing angle and compact body, allowing for flexible installations.

For enhanced security, the K6PM has three separate level temperature warnings able to trigger alarm bars and 24VDC outputs. As previously mentioned, the K6PM also features integrated monitoring software with automated data collection capabilities and abnormal detection algorithms.

The software is called Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool and enables the setting and logging of K6PM. Linking the product with a PC via an Ethernet cable will enable users to recognize the temperature status in panels and warning alarms also from a remote PC.


Suitable for Variety of Applications 

Omron said the new component would be suitable for a variety of applications, from high voltage control panels and transformers to high horsepower electric motors and hydraulic valves, pumps, and motors, among others. 

However, the company has already created a product page on its website, complete with a datasheet available for download.

To find out more about the K6PM’s price and availability to engineers and corporations, Omron has set up a form on the product page, promising to provide more information on an individual basis.


Are you interested in the new component by Omron Automation?