Omron Enhances Capabilities of LD Series Mobile Robots With Software Update

April 01, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Omron Automation has released a new software package designed to enhance the integration, reliability, and flexibility of its LD Series mobile robots.

The Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core aims to increase the robots’ performance and usability while at the same time looking at future-proofing them with service-focused capabilities.

Together with the release of FLOW Core, Omron also updated MobilePlanner, the company’s programming software for mobile robots, with new control features.


Designed for Mobile Robots’ Applications

Writing in a press release announcing the new software, Omron Automation said FLOW Core’s main focus is on simplifying integration through a particularly intuitive user-focused design.

The new program also has a charge management feature designed to maximize uptime, as well as intelligent fleet capabilities to increase robots’ flexibility and efficiency.


omron robot

An LD Series robot. Image used courtesy of Omron.


In other words, Omron explained, FLOW Core is designed to optimize the efficiency of individual machines while also coordinating them as a fleet.

Some of the features of FLOW Core include intelligent job assignment with queuing management, map creation, and editing task definition and assignment tools.

The software can also automatically manage motion and traffic control, has dynamic obstacle avoidance with real-time trajectory prediction capabilities and features Cell Alignment Positioning System (CAPS) for improved accuracy.

FLOW Core will run on Omron’s new Enterprise Manager EM2100 hardware platform, which has recently replaced the EM1100.


The Omron LD Series

The FLOW Core software package is specifically designed to manage mobile robots belonging to the LD Series.

The machines in this category are Autonomous Mobile robots (AMRs) designed for moving materials in a variety of scenarios.

From narrow environments presenting potentially confined passageways to busy and peopled locations, the LD Series robots are able to navigate unknown environments and autonomously avoid obstacles.

The machines are also highly customizable, having been modified to carry different payloads and deployed in a variety of environments.

Some of them include manufacturing, warehousing, cleantech, and laboratories.


MobilePlanner and Mobile Robot Software Suite

As mentioned above, together with the release of the FLOW Core software package, Omron has also updated its MobilePlanner management software.

Essentially, the new update improves operator control over the LD Series’ robot fleets. The program, which is the control center of Omron’s Mobile Robot Software Suite, features tools such as job assignment, fleet observation, and mapping.

The MobilePlanner Mobile Robot Management Software is available on both Android and iOS tablets, as well as on PCs.


screenshot of omron mobile

A screenshot from Omron’s MobilePlanner software. Image used courtesy of Omron.


The tablet version allows users to control individual robots as well as the entire fleet. It also provides functions such as viewing robots location and status, battery level and so on.

The PC version is a more complete suite expanding the software capabilities to include map-building and instant floor plan features. These maps and plans can then be customized with virtual routes and forbidden lines.

You can check out the MobilePlanner full specifications at this link and the Flow Core software package here.


Do you use Omron’s LD Series’ robots and what do you think about these updates?