OnRobot Launches Programmable Screwdriver for Fast Deployment in Assembly Lines

June 26, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

OnRobot, a collaborative application and process automation company announced the release of its intelligent programmable screw driving head.

A repetitive manual assembly line leaves room for potential human error, which often leads to downtime and inconsistency. OnRobot is seeking to change the way this kind of work has previously been completed with their new intelligent screwdriver

“We’ve designed an automated screw-driving tool that simplifies a highly complex process for our users, making it cost-effective and easy for manufacturers to see fast results in terms of higher uptime, output, consistency, and quality,” mentioned CEO of OnRobot, Enrico Krog Iversen.

Including features such as adjustable torque spec, and interchangeable screwdriver bits, and in-development system integration, the Intelligent Screwdriver is an automated device that can reduce costs and accelerate industrial processes. 


The Future of Tooling

The OnRobot Screwdriver Head is a device that can be integrated into existing robotic arms, as well as other precision machinery devices. The screwdriver is compatible with OnRobot's popular programming solution for intuitive operation and control.


onrobot screwdriver head

OnRobot intelligent screwdriver. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


One-System, the brain behind OnRobot's intelligent devices, allows for precise torque calculation and control when screw size is given in an industrial process. Automating a screw driving process reduces the statistic for cross threads, stripped heads, or even broken fasteners that would fail a quality control test. The screwdriver features an embedded axis path, detects incorrect screw size and placement so that these problems are less likely to occur and consistency is maintained.


Working With Variety of Screw Sizes

This device is capable of driving in screws sized from M1.6 to M6 x50mm within a torque range of 0.15Nm to 5Nm which is ideal for electronic device assembly. The device features a retractable driver which simplifies the device and its programming and so that the product it's working on does not have to have major design changes to be compatible with the tooling.


OnRobot’s Intelligent ScrewDriver and screw feed system. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


This tool can't just pick a screw out of a bin, it must be paired with the intelligent OnRobot screw feeder. The feeder consists of a turntable style fastener delivery system to ensure that the Screwdriver receives the correct screw in a precise and planar manner. The feeder features a sensor to detect when the next screw is ready to be picked, placed, and driven. The Screwdriver is also able to completely retract a screw that is 35mm long when any unexpected high force is applied to the screw to protect the machine and the hardware. 


ScrewDriver and Machine Learning

Though this device is state of the art and the latest in automated technology, it does require a setup sequence for it to be able to maintain consistency and precision. For any industrial process it is operating in, the driver must learn the path that it will follow for a successful fastening.

It must learn the location of where it's picking a screw and as well as where it will place and drive it. It requires this preliminary phase so that the device can extrude and fasten a screw properly without any disruption. Though this would probably be the longest part of the process of utilizing the OnRobot ScrewDriver, it significantly increases production and increases return on investment as opposed to a laborer.