New Modular OT Cybersecurity Solution From PAS Supports Digitization

August 06, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

PAS Global recently released version 7.0 of its OT cybersecurity solution, Cyber Integrity.

With this new release come expanded tools, new features, and convenient modular options for industrial facilities interested in any level of OT security.

One weak link can compromise the integrity of an industrial organization’s operational technology, but PAS Global’s Cyber Integrity version 7.0 can prevent that from happening, even for facilities that are new to cybersecurity in the context of operations technology.


PAS Global

The primary focus of PAS Global can best be explained as software solutions that support OT (Operational Technology) integrity. The software solutions may take several forms, such as preventing, detecting, or remediating cyber threats or enabling trusted data for critical decision-making. PAS Global has operations in over 70 countries and is a trusted OT integrity partner for many top companies in industries ranging from chemical processing to power generation.


PAS Global Cyber Integrity 7.0

The PAS Global product that holds primary responsibility for preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber threats is Cyber Integrity, an OT-centric cybersecurity system. Just recently, PAS announced the release of Cyber Integrity version 7.0


Cyber Integrity’s New Modular Approach

One of the features that make this particular release of special interest is its modular approach that allows industrial organizations of all levels of OT cybersecurity maturity to find solutions for both current and future needs. Users can unlock in-product expansions to address their immediate gaps, and as their cybersecurity needs mature they can easily unlock additional functionality. 

More and more companies are shifting to digitalization and remote work in the wake of COVID-19 and that significantly expanded the digital attack surface of many industrial organizations, as pointed out by Eddie Habibi, CEO, and Founder of PAS. This type of granular approach makes it much more feasible for organizations to begin to quickly set up the infrastructure to address OT cybersecurity threats.


PAS’s Cyber integrity chart. Image courtesy of PAS.


One of the modules available in Cyber Integrity 7.0 is Inventory Management, which can perform extremely accurate discovery and topology mapping of industrial control system environments down to Level 0 devices. The Vulnerability and Patch Management module, which also includes Inventory Management, can not only identify vulnerabilities hidden deep within the industrial infrastructure but leverage feeds from the United States NVD (National Vulnerability Database) in its search. 

Cyber Integrity 7.0 Enterprise includes both the inventory management as well as vulnerability and patch management in addition to an in-depth OT asset configuration management module. This particular module, which represents the most comprehensive Cyber Integrity offering, includes extensive capabilities including features such as unauthorized configuration change detection, risk analytics, compliance workflows, and reporting, and backup and recovery support. 

With a combined increase in virtualization and digitization, the potential attack surface for many industrial facilities continues to grow and even without those factors the threats to operational technology continue to abound. This drives the need for enhanced resiliency and better solutions for OT cybersecurity. Pas Global’s Cyber Integrity 7.0 is a promising contribution to this industrial need with its  Cyber Integrity solution.