Pilz Releases New Software and Hardware to Promote Factory Automation

September 08, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

Learn about the latest automation components from Pilz including a new web-based HMI software, a safety system, and an upgraded light curtain model.

Pilz is known in the automation industry for manufacturing machine-safe automation technology. Pilz offers a selection of safety components from sensors to motion control to controllers and safety PLCs. Recently, Pilz released three new products; a communication addition to their HMI software, a safety bolt lock, and a UL certification to their light curtain model.  


PASvisu Web-based HMI Software

Pilz has added the PASvisu web-based HMI software. The new additions to this software include Modbus/TCP communication to the available communication protocols. PASvisu is an HTML-5 capable web-based HMI software. This means that any device that can run a web browser can interface with the machine. The PASvisu software integrates to the Pilz line of automation controllers and safety PLCs.  


Pilz new HMI software. Image used courtesy of Pilz Automation


The software can also work with the Pilz HMI product line. Starting with version V1.10, users can now use Modbus/TCP as a communication protocol to gather and send data to and from a system controller. This opens the possibility of connecting the PASvisu software to virtually any industrial controller on the market today. Having one HMI software that can also program your PLC safely can make the integration of small systems much more straightforward.


PSENbolt and Mechanical Safety Gate System

Pilz has added to their already existing PSENmech safety gate system by adding the PSENbolt. PSENmech is the mechanical lock and monitoring system with which the safety PLC or relay will interface to ensure a machine will not restart until hazards are removed.  

The PSENbolt is a bolt-style gate lock that is now a part of the PSENmech system. The two can be ordered and integrated to provide a locking gate that is monitored. A key can also be added to lock the system open.  


The new version of the safety bolt PSENbolt. Image used courtesy of Pilz Automation


Typically, we like to lock doors closed but if you are entering a robot cell for example you want to make sure that nobody can accidentally lock you inside the cell and restart the system. With the PSENbolt with key locking, this scenario may be easily avoided. 


PSENopt || 

Light curtains are a great way to detect people or objects entering an area. Light curtains are commonly integrated into manual loading stations or cells. When an operator enters the area to load or remove parts, the system will remove any hazards, such as compressed air or electrical power to servo motors. The PSENopt || was released in 2016 and was the first performance level D-rated light curtain. 


The UL-certified PSENopt II from Pilz. Image used courtesy of Pilz Automation


Until now, the PSENopt || was not UL listed, so the location where the light curtains could be installed was limited. Recently the PSENopt || has undergone the certification process with the underwriters laboratory (UL Certification or Listed), allowing the type 3 (PL d) light curtain to be sold and integrated anywhere in North America.

Pilz hopes that these new control and automation components will promote factory automation and help engineers in their everyday processes.