Porsche Transitions Toward Better Connectivity in Smart Factories by Launching a 5G Research Network with Ericsson

December 18, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Together with Ericsson, Porsche launches the 5G Research Network at its Leipzig factory to transform manufacturing operations through advanced communications.

Porsche AG is an automotive manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and sedans. In collaboration with multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson, Porsche is launching a 5G research network at its Leipzig factory. This step hopes to bring forward digital transformation in manufacturing and usher in smart factories.


5G in Automotive Industry

5G communication is the next iteration of the current wireless communication infrastructure. The new era of 5G is not just about faster data rates or more bandwidth. It also brings the ability to transmit information between machines at a much lower latency. This means that networks will be able to send data in real-time, even when there are motion sensors involved.


Robots working on the automotive manufacturing assembly line. Image used courtesy of Porsche


A key element of this generation is machine-to-machine communication (M2M). This is an important element for smart factories as it enables companies to remotely monitor their assets and operations, increasing efficiency and productivity. 5G also makes remote diagnostics possible and helps collect important data to improve vehicle performance for automotive manufacturing.


The 5G Research Network

The independent 5G research network uses a private frequency spectrum and can secure the transmission of signals in real-time. The Porsche Development Centre in Weissach already employs a 5G network to develop functions that involve the exchange of safety-relevant data between vehicles.


At Porsche’s Leipzig factory, there are many capabilities for 5G connectivity. Image used courtesy of Porsche


In a recent news release, a Member of the Executive Board for Production and Logistics at Porsche, Albrecht Reimold, said, “As we transition to the factory of tomorrow, Porsche production is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation. In the process, we are guided by our vision: smart, lean, and green. 5G technology is one of the key elements laying the groundwork for our Smart Factory”.


Robots working on an automotive manufacturing assembly line. Image used courtesy of Porsche


In the same news release, the Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses at Ericsson, Åsa Tamsons, commented, “Ericsson is proud to work with leading companies like Porsche in their smart factories and provide them with our world-leading 5G and Private Network products.”

Porsche hopes that the 5G research network will shape the infrastructure of operations at their Leipzig factory. The generation of vehicles could change faster, and more secure data transmission provides greater mobility and flexibility in production. This includes the ability to test manufacturing systems and optimize them.

The 5G research network is being piloted in the Macan body shop of the Leipzig factory, where they will test use cases in a production environment.