Promoting Worldwide Cobot Adoption: Universal Robots and Denali Unite

May 15, 2023 by Stephanie Leonida

Universal Robots has announced its partnership with Denali Advanced Integration, focusing on providing enhanced integration and support services to aid cobot adoption for Industry 4.0.

Danish robotics company Universal Robots announced its partnership with Enterprise IT solutions provider Denali Advanced Integration. The latter company—a worldwide service and technology integrator—is now one of Universal Robots' most prominent Certified Solution Partner (CSP). Universal Robots will leverage Denali’s expertise to enhance the delivery of its cobot technology to customers worldwide.


The world is seeing an upward trend for cobot integration in industrial operations, and Universal Robots is partnering with Denali to ensure the continued adoption of its cobots. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


Cobot Market

The global cobot market size stood at USD 1.2 billion in 2022 and is projected to climb between 2023 and 2030 at a compound annual growth rate of 32 percent, according to Grand View Research.

Cobot technology and its use is growing, owing to the development and integration of ever-more sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven technologies. The introduction of 5G technology to industrial automation is also expected to enhance cobot adoption in the manufacturing industry.


Augmentation of Human Skills

There are many benefits to using cobots in manufacturing and warehousing environments. Cobots can alleviate worker burden, shifting heavy loads and undertaking mundane, repetitive tasks, completing them more accurately without tiring or getting sick. Augmenting human skills and tasks in this way saves on disruptive downtime and helps maintain facility productivity.


Cobots are assets that can help small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses achieve Industry 4.0 operations. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


Cobots are also scalable, integrating with existing facility machinery without having to overhaul production processes. This is an important facet for large-scale businesses seeking to gradually build up their automation capabilities. The collaborative nature of cobots means that safety/work cages are not needed, keeping implementation costs down. Cobots are also known for their adaptability—machine operators do not require extensive programming knowledge to teach cobots new workflow pathways to execute different tasks.


Why Are Integrators Important?

Through their established customer relationships and industry expertise, the provision of end-to-end solutions, and support services, integrators like Denali can help engineering companies like Universal Robots provide well-rounded cobot solutions.

As experts in integrating and implementing industrial automation solutions, Denali can expedite the deployment process for manufacturing facilities, allowing them to economize on time, scale up to meet demand, and keep abreast of the competition. Integrators like Denali also provide after-sales support, maintenance, and services to nurture customer loyalty.


Universal Robots intends to leverage Denali's knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive cobot solutions to a broader network of customers. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots

Leading Automation Solutions

Working alongside Universal Robots, Denali will help speed up cobot integration for Universal Robots customers across the globe and expand its own customer base in the industrial automation sector. By leveraging Denali’s knowledge and expertise in integration, Universal Robots intends to provide a broader network of customers with comprehensive cobot solutions that help them maximize returns on technology investments.